Taylor Swift Is Making A Movie And Of Course Swifties Have Theories

Taylor Swift in her music video for Willow.
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Taylor Swift is a truly multi-talented individual. She has won a staggering amount of Grammys and is one of the world’s most influential recording artists. The pop star has ventured into new creative outlets as of recent and has directed and written her own music videos. Notably, her video for “All Too Well (10 Minute Version)” functions as a short film, with Dylan O’Brian and Sadie Sink acting their hearts out. Now, she is ready to enter the big leagues, and is to direct and write her first feature film, and her fans are already theorizing on what this could entail. 

This weekend, Variety reported that Swift will be making her feature directorial debut with Searchlight Pictures. While this may seem like a surprising move, for fans of her work, Swift’s move into feature filmmaking seems like a natural next step. She directs music videos, which is a common starting point for many directors, she also has interweaved detailed storytelling throughout her music. One storyline of Swift’s that has caught the eye of Swifties is from her song “Last Great American Dynasty." The song is surprisingly not a love story, and follows the history of her Rhode Island home. 

Swift has previously expressed that she totally loves the idea of “Last Great American Dynasty” as a movie, and her friends Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are also seemingly on board. In 2020, a fan tweeted the idea of a film based on the song with these three actors involved, saying: 

The Last Great American Dynasty would make an incredible movie. The story is timeless yet unique, the music would be exquisite, and it already has the perfect title. As for the cast: Blake Lively (Rebekah), Ryan Reynolds (Bill), Jesse Tyler Ferguson (neighbor). Manifesting…

Ferguson responded, seemingly loving the idea, saying: 

Ok I’m avail for this @VancityReynolds @blakelively @taylorswift13

Ryan Reynolds also responded, commenting on his “character’s” story arc in the song:

But Bill’s heart…?

Queen Taylor herself also weighed in, expressing excitement for the idea:

not trying to be the Loudest Woman This Town Has Ever Seen ™ but… I love this

Blake Lively also responded by referencing her bestie’s lyrics, quipping: 

I painted Ryan a key lime green… I can’t wait til he wakes up.

While this adorable interaction just felt like some fun manifesting, now that Swift is directing a feature film, one user dug up the interaction, sparking excitement from fans. This could be Swift’s chance to make the “Last Great American Dynasty” film of our dreams. One Twitter user suggested using the Rhode Island home as the set, saying:

If Taylor does a Last Great American Dynasty movie she doesn’t even need to build a set - she already has it

One fan referenced Swift’s storytelling, and how a Last Great American Dynasty film could make a Taylor Swift love triangle story come to life:

Some of y’all want the folklore love triangle film but I just know a Last Great American Dynasty film would go 1300x harder. PRAYING TO THE GODS RN

This isn’t the only theory Taylor Swift fans have thought about. Her songs always tell a story so of course that has sparked ideas about other songs Swift could borrow from for her directorial feat. One theory is for a murder mystery film about her song,  “no body no crime”:

I hope it’s a murder mystery!! I want a no body, no crime scenario.

Another fan suggested this could be the folklore love triangle coming to life: 

this is how i get the cardigan august betty love triangle movie listen listen

Really, all of Swift’s songs are cinematic, as one fan noted while theorizing about film possibilities from the singer’s evermore album. 

each song off of evermore could easily be turned into its own movie…like imagine a cowboy like me movie?? Tis the damn season?? no body no crime?? champagne problems?? those could all easily be turned into films oh my god

We are just going to have to wait and see what the pop princess has in store for fans. It may be a while until we finally get Swift’s directorial debut, but in the meantime, there are so many exciting Taylor Swift projects coming down the pike for Swifties to look forward to. For more information about films coming to theaters and streaming in the near future, make sure to consult with CinemaBlend’s 2023 movie release schedule. 

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