The Touching Reason Steve Harvey’s Wife Always Makes Sure They Have A Huge Christmas Tree Each Year

Steve Harvey laughs as he hosts Family Feud.
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Christmas can be a magical time of year, and there are few things that can bring the proper cheer like a huge, well-lit Christmas tree. For many families, regardless of if one prefers a real tree for the smell or the tradition of an artificial tree, the holidays truly start when the tree goes up. Steve Harvey knows a thing or two about showing off some big Christmas trees, and the Family Feud host has shared the touching reason why his wife always ensures they have a huge tree each year.

When it comes to Christmas trees, bigger usually means better, although the problem with that line of thinking is that — real or artificial — the trees don’t come cheap. While people may want to get the biggest tree they can fit in their house, many have to keep budgets in mind. Steve Harvey was apparently inspired by the huge trees he saw at the mall when he was a kid, and his wife now helps him fulfill the promise he made to God back then. Here's the story (and pics) he shared on Twitter:

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Steve Harvey is a fun-loving guy — maybe to a fault, given his recent Miss Universe stunt, where the host perhaps unwisely asked a contestant to do an impression of a cat — so the fact that he can appreciate a huge Christmas tree doesn’t surprise me at all. There is something so innocent about a child asking God for the money to have a mall-sized Christmas tree in his house. The fact that the beloved TV host followed through on that promise is a thing of beauty.

It doesn’t stop with gigantic trees, either. The photos shared by the dapper style-maker also feature enormous sculptures of penguins and reindeer. (And you just know that's not the extent of it, too.) It’s also nice that Steve Harvey gave credit to his wife for making sure the house is supplied with a gorgeous, well-decorated display each holiday season. Whatever goes into putting up those huge trees, it’s more than just pulling boxes out of storage. 

With Steve Harvey’s multiple hosting gigs, on top of his upcoming ABC courtroom series Judge Steve Harvey, it's probably not the easiest task for the comedian to find time to coordinate such things. And there’s no doubt his wife’s efforts are highly appreciated for helping foster a strong Christmas spirit that was so clearly important to her hubby as a young boy and beyond.

Now i’m kind of curious to know how long those trees and sculptures stay up after the holidays are in the past. I'd probably be tempted to ride that Christmas spirit into the new year. Not like, until Valentine's Day or anything...probably. 

Judge Steve Harvey premieres on ABC on Tuesday, January 4 at 8 p.m. ET. And if you want more Steve Harvey in your life, check your local listings for when you can watch Family Feud in syndication daily. Be sure to take a peek out our 2022 TV schedule to see what other premieres are coming up.

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