Unlike Kendall Jenner, Modern Family's Ariel Winter Proves She Can Cut A Vegetable Just Right

Kendall Jenner on The Kardashians and Ariel Winter on Modern Family.
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Some reality TV moments prove that sometimes you just can’t make this stuff up. The Kardashians gave fans a lot of insight into the lives of the famous family, including how Kim Kardashian hooked up with Pete Davidson and some pretty dramatic reveals about Khloé Kardashian’s breakup with Tristan Thompson. One of the funniest moments and most-talked-about moments from the Hulu series’ first season, however, came when Kendall Jenner struggled to slice a cucumber. Modern Family star Ariel Winter, meanwhile, proved she has no such issues, as evidenced by her recent social media activity.

Ariel Winter showed off the results of her knife skills when she went to town on an extra large zucchini. Her Instagram Stories post, however, did not seem to be in response to Kendall Jenner’s shortcomings. The actress was simply exploring her inner “food pornographer,” as she got excited about the girth of her squash (a phrase I didn’t expect to write today). After palming the large vegetable, she showed off her obscenely large slices of zucchini. Take a look for yourself:

Ariel Winter shows off zucchini slices.

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The circles of zucchini are pretty impressive — they're the size of the actress' whole palm! She even included some suggestive poll questions, asking if the guys out there were feeling envious, and if the ladies were as excited as she was. While one could only guess how Kendall Jenner would feel about the size of the vegetable itself, she’d likely be pretty jealous of the perfectly sliced, thick rounds of zucchini sitting in the four-time SAG winner's bowl. 

While Kendall Jenner was apparently “not happy” with the backlash she faced after that episode of The Kardashians aired, per sister Khloé Kardashian, she good-naturedly said via social media that she was ready to give it another go , posting a photo of a cucumber on a cutting board next to a knife. Fans didn’t get full closure on the topic, as the reality star didn’t post an “after” shot but, to be fair, we’re only assuming Ariel Winter cut her own zucchini because there was a knife in the background as well as images of the impressive vegetable pre-slicing:

Ariel Winter shows off her zucchini.

(Image credit: Instagram)

It’s always possible that she had someone nearby to assist her with her mise en place (assuming Kris Jenner was not present to call in her private chef). Either way, the star of new horror video game The Quarry takes this round of the completely fabricated celebrity knife battle, both for perfectly sliced vegetables and having a quality supplier of beautiful produce. Your move, Kendall!

If you want to relive Kendall Jenner’s best moments on The Kardashians, all 10 episodes of Season 1 are available for streaming with a Hulu subscription. Among the other shows available on Hulu are all 11 seasons of Ariel Winter’s ensemble sitcom Modern Family. Be sure to check out our 2022 TV Schedule to see what shows are premiering soon.

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