Vanderpump Rules Alum Lala Kent Got Her ‘Boobs Done’, And The Post-Op Video Is Wild

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Things are changing in Lala Land of late. After calling off her engagement to Hollywood producer Randall Emett last October, Lala Kent is single and ready to mingle. (Or already mingling, we should say, given how candid Kent has been about her past and expected future sex life.) But she’s also decided to do a little something for herself amidst this new chapter. Namely, the Vanderpump Rules alum decided to get her “boobs done,” and the post-op video is kind of hilarious.

In fact, the 31-year-old simultaneously underwent a breast implant replacement and a procedure to have her left ear pinned back (also known as otoplasty). The first is pretty straightforward but, in case you don’t know what pinned back ears entails, plastic surgeons have to remove cartilage to then suture the ears into a better position. Lala Kent posted a video on Instagram of herself after just coming out of the surgery. She’s understandably groggy as she mumbles about farting, housewives and… a blow-dryer for her bed? See the clip here:

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Truth be told, though, Lala Kent has said far more embarrassing stuff and worse while fully sentient. I mean, she talked about giving Randall Emmett “blowies” pretty regularly on Vanderpump Rules, after all. Since their breakup, too, the blunt talker hasn’t shied away from shading her allegedly unfaithful ex in everything from merch to sex toy sponsorships.

Her latest boob job is actually a sponsorship by Sientra, a breast implant company. The reality star shared more about the partnership on Instagram toward the end of May, saying how excited she was for her “new mommy makeover.”

Lala Kent gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Ocean, back in March of 2021. She currently shares custody with Randall Emmett, although their dynamic is still apparently strained at the moment. Amidst Emmett’s ongoing legal and financial troubles, the Bravo alum claimed that the people involved with him contacted her for their money after the split. She alleged at the same time that she herself hadn’t received three months’ worth of previously agreed upon child support from her ex.

Nevertheless, between her podcast, obvious other avenues of paid advertising and a speculated return on Vanderpump Rules, Lala Kent seems to be doing okay financially on her own so far. As she tells it, she was taught financial independence from a young age, and she was always careful to have her own bank account and credit cards. Kent also revealed that she “never had access” to any of Randall Emmett’s money in the entire five years of their relationship.

Bravo has already renewed Vanderpump Rules for a tenth season. (Catch up on past episodes, which are streaming on Peacock Premium.) The official cast lineup hasn’t been confirmed, but methinks Lala Kent is a safe bet to return. For the one-liners and wild honesty, if nothing else.

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