Watch George Lopez Joke About Being An 'Adulterer' For A Birthday Party In Fun New Lopez Vs. Lopez Clip

George Lopez returned to television alongside his real-life daughter for NBC’s Lopez vs. Lopez, and the new sitcom is already bringing plenty of laughs to Friday nights. The next new episode will air on December 2 and show the Lopez family celebrating Chance’s birthday, and based on a sneak peek of what’s to come, the plans may not go off without a hitch. In the exclusive clip (seen above), George finds his own meaning for “adulterer” to a very surprised Mayan. Take a look!

The clip from the “Lopez vs. Birthdays” episode doesn’t reveal exactly what Mayan had planned for Chance’s birthday, but she clearly wasn’t expecting that her dad had already gone all-out before she was even out of her pajamas for the day! Based on everything that George has arranged (including a bouncy house, if Oscar manages to find the motor), Chance is a lucky 7-year-old… unless it turns out that George went above and beyond on the wrong kind of party. 

Either way, George has given “adulterer” a new meaning, and suggested a new hangover remedy for anybody who wouldn’t have an issue with keeping hot dogs under the bed! In all seriousness, however, Lopez vs. Lopez hasn’t shied away from jokes about infidelity throughout the first season, and the laughter in the clip is proof that the show has already found the right kind of humor to hit with audiences.

In fact, creator Debby Wolfe has already cleared the air about the laughter in episodes of Lopez vs. Lopez, confirming that what viewers hear in the background is “real live laughter” from a live audience and definitely not canned laughter. Is it any surprise that experienced sitcom actor and stand-up comedy legend George Lopez comes alive in front of a live studio audience? Kudos to Mayan Lopez and the rest of the cast for keeping up with him, and delivering plenty of laughs of their own. 

Lopez vs. Lopez has also found ways to incorporate serious issues in with the comedy, such as when Mayan had to admit to her father than she didn’t speak Spanish. George didn’t take it well at first, but they came to terms with each other after opening up, and the finished product was an episode that Debby Wolfe said she was “really proud of” for addressing the sense of “shame” when it comes to speaking Spanish vs. not speaking Spanish in the community. 

While viewers will have to tune in “Lopez vs. Birthdays” to see exactly what happens, the episode description previews that Rosie’s sisters will have some shade to throw at their former brother-in-law. And that’s without being present in the backyard to witness George joking about being an adulterer! All things considered, it looks like young Chance will have a birthday party to remember.

See the “Lopez vs. Birthdays” episode on Friday, December 2 at 8:00 p.m. ET on NBC, ahead of a new episode of Young Rock Season 3 (complete with some new cast members who debuted in the 2022 TV season) at 8:30 p.m. If you’ve missed any episodes and need to catch up, you can find Lopez vs. Lopez streaming with a Peacock Premium subscription, and check out our 2023 TV premiere schedule for when the show will be back in the new year.

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