Yellowstone's Josh Lucas Shares A+ Story About Doctor's Attempt To Make Him Look More Like Kevin Costner After Breaking Nose

Josh Lucas on Yellowstone.
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Yellowstone is set in a universe that is continually expanding, with Harrison Ford and Dame Helen Mirren set to star in another prequel, 1923. It’s not just the spinoffs, however, that delve into previous timelines with praiseworthy casting choices. Josh Lucas has been causing quite a stir within the Yellowstone fandom, with his portrayal of a younger John Dutton in flashbacks on the flagship Paramount series. Lucas seems tailor-made for the role, delivering some of Season 5’s best lines with Kevin Costner’s trademark gruffness, and looking the part too. According to Lucas, however, he almost looked even more like the iconic actor, if his doctor had had his way.

Josh Lucas paid a visit to The Late Late Show, sharing a wild story about breaking his nose before he returned to the set of Yellowstone. He told James Corden he was injured when a wood splitter exploded and a piece hit him in the nose, saying it “took my nose off my face.” He visited a plastic surgeon to repair the damage, where the doctor apparently had an inspired idea in light of the actor’s role in Yellowstone. Lucas recalled: 

I go to this incredible plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, because I was having breathing problems, you know, it was really messed up. And so they do this whole process, he brings me in, and he shows me photographs. He says, ‘Look!’ — because I had just found out I was going back on Yellowstone — he says, ‘This is what you’re gonna look like as Kevin Costner, with Kevin Costner’s nose.’ And he shows me Kevin Costner, and he shows me my face with Kevin’s nose. And I was like, ‘No, man! I want my nose!’ He’s like, ‘Why would you want your nose? You could have Kevin’s nose.’ Truly. And I was like, ‘No, really, I really just want my nose back please.’

What’s that famous saying? “Always be yourself. Unless you can be Kevin Costner. Then always be Kevin Costner.” Maybe that’s not right, but I’ve got to say, I think the plastic surgeon was on to something here. Who wouldn’t want to look more like the Field of Dreams star, especially when given a medical and professional reason to do so! 

Not that Josh Lucas needs any help in transforming into young John Dutton. Fans are already going ballistic and begging for another prequel starring the Sweet Home Alabama actor. His version of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch owner previously appeared in Seasons 1 and 2, before making a welcome comeback for Season 5. His flashback stories this season have clear parallels to current events the Montana governor is facing, and many fans are hoping he'll continue popping up in the remaining episodes.

We’ll have to tune in to see how much more Josh Lucas (and his own nose) we get, as well as how many more bloody fights Beth gets into, with new episodes of Yellowstone airing each Sunday night on the Paramount Network. You can rewatch previous episodes of the western with a Peacock subscription, and head to our 2022 TV schedule (or our 2023 premiere rundown) to see what other new and returning shows are hitting the small screen soon. 

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