Cowboy Hats, Mustaches And Harrison Ford And Helen Mirren Light Up The Yellowstone 1923 Red Carpet

Harrison Ford in 1923.
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Taylor Sheridan certainly was able to lock down some A-listers to star in his upcoming Yellowstone prequel, 1923. From the first looks of the Paramount+ drama, we’ve already seen how Harrison Ford transformed into Jacob Dutton, the brother of 1883’s James Dutton in the ever-expanding universe of Yellowstone. He may not have been in character when he attended the world premiere event in Las Vegas on December 3, but there were still plenty of cowboy hats, mustaches and denim, as Ford and co-star Dame Helen Mirren hit the red carpet.

Harrison Ford appeared alongside his castmates and series creator Taylor Sheridan at the premiere, a little over two weeks ahead of his on-screen debut as the newest member of the Dutton patriarchy. Fans are excited to see what drama is to come from his arm of the family tree when 1923 becomes available to viewers with a Paramount+ subscription on Sunday, December 18.  For now, though:

Harrison Ford at 1923 Las Vegas red carpet.

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For the red carpet, Harrison kept it casual, wearing dark jeans and a blazer. He was joined by Dame Helen Mirren, who portrays his fictional wife Cara Dutton in the story about the rancher family's struggle to keep hold of their land within Depression Era Montana, during the time of Prohibition and historic drought. Mirren suited up for the premiere in an all-black suit with lace sleeves and statement pearl jewelry. 

The pair of leads were joined by 1923 creator Taylor Sheridan, who looked ready to saddle up at any moment with his own denim and blazer combo, complete with a cowboy hat, which Ford opted not to wear. 

Helen Mirren, Taylor Sheridan and Harrison Ford at the 1923 Las Vegas red carpet.

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This series will be Sheridan’s second released prequel to the flagship Yellowstone, whose fifth season has so far been full of bad decisions and possibly a big long con on the Duttons. Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren join an earlier spot in the timeline previously explored by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in 1883 as James and Margaret Dutton, and they're only two of the many impressive cast members who will populate our screens later this month. 

James Bond actor Timothy Dalton will portray Donald Whitfield, a rich and egomaniacal character who reportedly exudes power but lacks empathy. Brandon Sklenar has also joined the cast in the role of Spencer Dutton, son of James and nephew of Ford’s Jacob. 1923 has also added Game of Thrones vet Jerome Flynn as Banner Creighton, a hard-headed Scot with a brogue and the leader of the local sheep men, and Sons of Anarchy alum Robert Patrick as William McDowell, local sheriff and friend of the Duttons. That’s just a taste of the ensemble who will seek to clarify the Dutton ancestry, and fans can check out many of those actors on the Las Vegas red carpet as well. 

Cast of 1923 at the Las Vegas red carpet premiere.

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Two other Yellowstone spinoffs are already in the works, with the still-in-development 6666 focusing on the Texas ranch where Jefferson White’s Jimmy spent time during Yellowstone’s fourth season, and 1883: The Bass Reeves Story, which serves as the second season of the initial prequel series. It’s unknown for now how it will connect to James Dutton’s story and the cross-country journey he helped to lead alongside Sam Elliott’s Shea Brennan and LaMonica Garrett’s Thomas, but we do know Cole Hauser will be along for the ride somehow.

The Dutton family saga will continue when 1923 premieres on Sunday, December 18, on Paramount+. Be sure to mosey on down to our 2023 TV schedule to stay up to date on all the new shows headed our way in the new year. 

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