Video Of $229 Dollywood Pie Goes Viral, But The TikTok Creator Says It’s A ‘Pretty Good Deal’

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In the age of the internet, theme park food has been known to make headlines. Whether it’s seven-hour lines for a popcorn bucket or the various pickle-based delicacies that have graced Disney Parks, everybody’s hungry to talk about what you can find on the menu at an amusement park of your choice. Now Dolly Parton's Dollywood is being called into question thanks to a $229 apple pie that a TikTok creator has not only proved exists, but has actually justified as a “pretty good deal.” 

Dollywood's 25-lb Apple Pie on display on a cutting board.

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Yes, There Really Is A $229 Apple Pie At Dollywood

This isn’t some sort of joke or a scenario that jumps through hoops and conditions: there is actually an entire apple pie available at Dollywood that costs $229 for a whole pie, or $19.99 for a slice. It admittedly sounds like a lot, but as you’ll begin to see watching the TikTok from creator “stonewall_kelsey,” you’re not just getting a frozen supermarket pie for your troubles.


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Now that’s a pretty big slice of pie, if you ask me. In fact, I’d say that’s roughly the baked goods equivalent of a Disney Parks turkey leg; it’s that massive. It’s also part of how the creator that captured this beast in the wild justified the cost of $229 for a full damned pie. For starters, only one slice is supposed to feed a family of four.

Dollywood's Spotlight Bakery, shown in the day with park guests walking by.

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Why Dollywood's 25-Lb Apple Pie Is Actually A Good Deal

A full case to defend the cost of Dollywood’s $229 apple pie was given to Insider, as they followed up with “stonewall_kelsey” about their post. The full size of this tasty treat comes out to about 25 lbs, with 40-50 apples being used to make the entire item. It’s enough to reevaluate the whole scenario, and it’s certainly a case that’s a valid counter to any who thought this was just a cash grab in the works. 

Looking into the deep dish facts surrounding this delicious delicacy, this is exactly the sort of thing that fits into Dolly Parton’s ever generous spirit, especially when for $20, a family of four could either dine on the same piece of pie at Dollywood or treat themselves to a smaller treat elsewhere. In the light of recent Disney Parks ticket price hikes, this sort of thinking not only appeals to guests, but also executives who’d like to give parkgoers more bang for their buck. 

If you’re headed to Dollywood yourself and want to try this gorgeous-looking treat, you can head to the Spotlight Bakery in the Showstreet section of the park. Seeing as this is positioned in the first part of the park you’ll experience upon entry, this leads to one final advantage. This filling treat could help curb your appetite throughout your visit, and there’s a lot of walking and rides to experience that’ll help burn it off. 

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