SEAL Team’s Emotional Season 6 Trailer Reveals Premiere Date For David Boreanaz Drama, And It's Sooner Than We Expected

There has been very little information regarding the upcoming sixth season of Paramount+’s SEAL Team beyond that initial renewal news, but after David Boreanaz hyped up the new season with a throwback photo, actual details have finally dropped in the form of an action-packed and emotional trailer that also revealed the premiere date. And guess what? Boreanaz's Jason Hayes will be back on our TVs even sooner than we thought!

Paramount+ unveiled the trailer for Season 6, as seen above, which previews an emotional time for Bravo Team following the aftermath of that ambush in Mali in the Season 5 finale. The trailer also revealed that the team will be back on September 18, which is less than a month away! After so long waiting for more details, this is definitely a surprise that I am happy to embrace.

Considering SEAL Team has been filming Season 6 since June, an early fall premiere date isn’t necessarily a surprise choice in general, since that matches up with how things play out for network dramas. (Even ones that flipped from linear TV to streaming.) However, the surprise here is based on the lack of teasy info, casting news, and other details prior to getting this lump sum treasure. But while the wait appears to have been worth it, the trailer seems to indicate that not everyone will make it to the end of the season.

After Bravo Team got ambushed, the question has been who would be surviving, and who wouldn’t be. With Max Thieriot focusing on his new CBS series Fire Country, Clay seemed likely to suffer the brunt of it, and such theories were proven right in the trailer. Bravo-6 was seriously injured and landed in the hospital, unsure of his future. Hopefully, he'll recover just fine and possibly be benched for a while, though he may choose to leave Bravo altogether to be with his family. 

Meanwhile, it’s also important to note that Bravo will be going on a long-term op in Syria, with Jason telling Ray that their first op without Clay could be their last one. It’s unclear what he means exactly, whether it could be deadly for all the protagonists, or that it could be the op that convinces everyone to bow out of the military to spend more time with their families and loved ones. It’ll be a season that longtime fans won’t want to miss, even if we may need to get some tissues ready for some emotional moments.

SEAL Team fans will not only be looking forward to Season 6, but with Paramount+ also developing a new SEAL Team movie, even more is in store for streaming audiences. Not much information has been released about the movie, as it goes, but at least the series coming back much sooner than expected should surely help tie everyone over.

Season 6 of SEAL Team will premiere on Sunday, September 18, for those with Paramount+ subscriptions! Check out the best shows to stream on Paramount+ in the meantime.

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