WWE Legend Trish Stratus Updates Fans Following Emergency Surgery

Trish Stratus in the WWE
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Not long after Eva Marie’s fire ant-induced hospital trip, fans learned that one of the WWE’s biggest wrestling icons is on the mend after a visit to the ER resulted in emergency surgery. Said person is wrestling legend and hall of famer Trish Stratus, who revealed that a recent visit for abdominal pain might’ve prevented her from potentially suffering a grim prognosis. 

Trish Stratus popped on Instagram to let fans know that she had surgery after unexpectedly finding out that her appendix was about to burst. Stratus detailed the events of the day via video and a caption that broke down what exactly led to her emergency surgery: 

After a crampy 10-hour travel day on Monday I was working through the pain on Tuesday prepping for an announcement (which I will post tomorrow). I have a pretty high pain tolerance so when what I thought was 💩 cramps but ended up getting pretty intense I drove myself to emergency and turns out my appendix was getting ready to burst - which can be really bad if it happens and like cause death and stuff so I’m really glad I went to check it out, you know to avoid the whole dying thing.

The elite wrestler was able to get the treatment she needed for her condition and, as she added later, she now has three more scars and one less organ. Trish Stratus explained that, on the whole, her pain is manageable, though one would assume that WWE fans won’t be seeing her in a wrestling ring any time soon. 

What’s still most surprising about this news is that the star actually managed to document some of the journey via video, which she shared on her social media. Check out the clip, as well as her additional comments about appendicitis: 

The comment section of Trish Stratus’ post is essentially a who’s who of the wrestling world. Revered women’s superstars like Mickie James (who was last in the WWE at the crazy and exciting Royal Rumble), Brie Bella, and Gail Kim all shared relief about Stratus being on the mend. Hopefully, Stratus will get back to full health soon -- and will maybe even jump back into a show.

While the WWE's former Diva of the Decade doesn't do much with the organization these days, the former champion was on Monday Night Raw about a month ago. She exchanged words with the recent wrestling returnee Bayley, and fans wondered if the moment was setting up a future match between them. 

Trish Stratus doesn’t normally wrestle under the brand but had a high-profile match back in 2019 when she challenged Charlotte Flair. (Flair is still away from WWE following her exit months ago.) The two went to war at SummerSlam but, in the end, Flair was able to pull out a victory using a submission move on Stratus. Despite that loss, it’s hard to imagine she wouldn’t give Bayley or any superstar a run for their money, assuming she’s in good health to do so. 

It’s possible that anything that might’ve been planned is currently on hold until Trish Stratus has some time to properly recover and be cleared for any in-ring activity. Until then, fans can always revisit her greatest in-ring moments using a Peacock premium subscription

Monday Night Raw airs on USA on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET, so tune in for all of the action and keep an eye on the weird happenings at recent WWE shows.

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