The Complete List Of Nintendo Switch Launch Titles
Head Of Xbox Responds To Nintendo Switch Reveal
It's impossible not to have seen or heard anything about the Nintendo Switch over the past week. The console has been everywhere across social media and enthusiast news sites. Well, all of the hoopla has actually encouraged Xbox boss Phil Spencer to chime in on the matter.
The One Place The Nintendo Switch Might Be Backward Compatible
Backwards compatibility has become a huge talking point throughout the last generation after the PS4 and Xbox One launched without the option. The feature was later implemented into the Xbox One, but now people are wondering where it'll fit with the Nintendo Switch.
The Complete List Of Nintendo Switch Launch Titles
With the Nintendo Switch set to launch on March 3 and a whole bunch of games and release windows thrown around during last week's Switch-focused events, folks have started to question what, exactly, they'll be able to play during the new console's launch window. Well, we now have a better understanding of exactly that.
Will Switch Availability Be Better Than The NES Classic?
Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has had the tough task of running PR interference for Nintendo when it comes to supply and demand. The company has been lagging greatly in providing supply of the NES Classic, and now Fils-Aime has been grilled on whether the Switch will be in better supply than its NES counterpart.
Xbox Is Making Major Changes With Its Home Button
Microsoft announced that they will be making some huge changes to the Xbox One Guide/Home button that usually takes you to the dashboard. The new function will greatly increase the ease of use for navigating menus and increasing quality of life accessibility.
Halo May Be Coming For A Younger Audience, Here's What We Know
One of the big talks circulating within the gaming community from last week was about a Halo game centered around the Mega Bloks property for the Xbox 360. The game was cancelled, but the spirit of the title has lived on and generated enough buzz that the idea may not be dead and gone entirely within the circles of Microsoft.
Two Major Nintendo Franchises May Be Coming For The Switch
News has been flying like crazy involving the Nintendo Switch, including what games it may or may not see added to its library in the future. In a recent interview, one Nintendo exec offered a bit of hope for diehard fans that two beloved IP's might one day make a triumphant return.
5 Reasons We're Concerned About The Nintendo Switch
Following this week's Nintendo Switch events, we now know that The Big N's new home/portable console will be ready to roll on March 3. But while Nintendo has finally answered a lot of our questions concerning the new hardware and its offerings, we're still left with a lot of question marks hanging over our heads. Call it a growing sense of deja vu or just good old-fashioned worry but, either way, not all of us are yet sold on the Switch. Here are our top five concerns.
New Resident Evil 7 Trailer Invites You To Dinner With Cannibals
Capcom released a new trailer for Resident Evil 7 recently, prepping for the game's launch on January 24th. The new trailer sees players have a first-person sit down meal with the Baker family cannibals. A real delightful horror experience, no doubt.
Dishonored 2's New Custom Difficulty Sounds Amazing
One of the new features for Dishonored 2 that Arkane Studios will implement into the game over the course of the next week for home consoles and PC is the new Custom Difficulty mode. The team recently detailed what sounds like an amazing feature.
When Injustice 2 Will Release More Info
NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros., have new information planned to go live for Injustice 2 leading up to the game's release on May 16th for PS4 and Xbox One. The new info will introduce the game's story.
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Looks Epic And Beautiful
One of the games showcased for the Nintendo Switch during the live-stream presentation on January 12th was the Monolith Soft JRPG exclusive, Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The game looks absolutely epic and has an equally beautiful art-style to match.
Sonic The Hedgehog Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch, And He Looks Perfect
Sega hasn't had a very good track record with new Sonic games over the last 17 years. The blue hedgehog has struggled greatly to find a solid footing in the 3D realm, so PagodaWest is taking him back old-school, and their new 2D title has him looking perfect.
1-2 Switch Is Very Original And Very Nintendo
One of the launch games for the Nintendo Switch is a party game called 1-2 Switch. If the name sounds odd it's because the game is odd. However, it's an extremely original title and speaks well to Nintendo's creativity.
A Classic Wii Franchise Is Coming Back On The Nintendo Switch
Legendary director Goichi Suda took the stage during Nintendo's Switch event last night, letting gamers know that a fan-favorite action title from Nintendo's past was gearing up to make a return on their latest console.
Splatoon 2 Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch
One of the big announcements during the live presentation for the Nintendo Switch was that a sequel to the 2015 smash hit Splatoon was on the way. There are no fancy names for this sequel, it's simply called Splatoon 2 and it's coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch.
Here's What's New In Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
If you were paying attention during last night's Switch event, you probably noticed that Mario Kart was shown off in the background, though not formally announced. That all changed today with the official launch of a new trailer for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, complete with a bunch of nifty additions.
Snipperclips Is A Creative And Adorable Puzzle Game For The Nintendo Switch
We saw a lot of interesting games at the Nintendo Switch event last night. However, there're a lot more coming out for the console than Nintendo had time to discuss. One of the most interesting new titles is an inventive new puzzle game.
Nintendo Switch Pre-Orders Are Already Sold Out Some Places
The Nintendo Switch is officially a real thing. Following last night's official announcement pre-orders went live, but it's already getting difficult to track them down.
Here’s What The Nintendo Switch Will Actually Cost
Tonight Nintendo finally pulled back the curtain on their long anticipated new console the Nintendo Switch. We saw a lot of things we liked, and then the presentation ended and we saw behind the curtain.
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