Why That NES Game May Actually Be Built Into The Nintendo Switch
How To Play Overwatch For Free This Weekend

If you're having a lazy Sunday and still haven't played Overwatch yet, Blizzard aims to remedy that. A free weekend for the game is ongoing and, if you enjoy the time you spend in the fast and frantic first-person shooter, then you can pick it up for a nice discount, too.

Nintendo Responds To Switch Backlash

Even though the Nintendo Switch has managed to sell like crazy since its debut on the market back in March, there are still a lot of people quite critical of the device. One of the biggest criticisms revolve around the system's supply, and Nintendo directly addressed the issue recently.

How To Play Xbox One X This Weekend

In anticipation of the November 7th launch of the 4K-ready game console from Microsoft, the console manufacturer decided to have an open house demo for the Xbox One X, enabling gamers to be able to get some hands-on time with the upcoming console.

Here's When We'll Know More About Red Dead Redemption 2

You'll be able to find out a ton more about Red Dead Redemption 2 sooner than you may have thought.

Check Out Harley Quinn In Telltale's Batman Game

The legendary Harley Quinn will be making her way into the next chapter of Telltale Games' ongoing Batman series, and this slightly new take on the character has been revealed in a short gameplay section introducing her to Gotham's most eligible bachelor, Bruce Wayne.

Xbox One Is Testing USB Cameras For Streaming

The team at Mixer is attempting to make a huge improvement to games broadcasting on the Xbox One, making it possible for users to plug in their own webcams instead of just the Kinect.

Minecraft's Better Together Update Adds More Cross-Play Functionality

Mojang is now rolling out the new cross-platform compatibility, enabling gamers across different platforms to play the game together. The first iteration of the Better Together update is currently available for Xbox, mobile, and Windows 10 gamers.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole Is Really Coming Out This Time

Ubisoft has had a really hard go of it with South Park: The Fractured But Whole. The game has been touted for release for quite some time, and it's been pushed back, delayed, and moved out of its launch window multiple times over. Well, with the latest trailer the team is promising that the game is really coming out this time.

Two Classic Pokemon Games Are Now Available On The 3DS Eshop

Nintendo and the Pokemon Group have re-released two classic Pokemon games from the yesteryear of previous generations, for gamers rocking a Nintendo 3DS. You can pick up the two new versions of the old games right now from over on the Nintendo eShop, where the games are available as a digital download.

Simpsons Fans Are Trying To Make A Hit & Run Sequel Happen At Rockstar

Fans still have a soft spot in their hearts for the 2003 outing of the action-adventure game The Simpsons Hit & Run for the OG Xbox, PlayStation 2 and Windows PC. In fact, the soft spot has become so tender that gamers decided to do something about it and attempt to make a sequel happen at Rockstar Games.

Pokken Tounament DX Review: Slightly More Of A Good Thing

The popularity of the Nintendo Switch has given new life to several titles than languished on the Wii U, the newest of those is Pokken Tournament.

One Third Party Has Big Plans For The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo can attest to the tremendous uphill battle a games platform must face if it does not have the backing of third-party developers. Luckily for the Switch, it's attracting plenty of outside support, including lots of love from one of the biggest developers/publishers in the industry.

Why PUBG Creators Are Really Unhappy With Epic Games

The folks behind Playerunknown's Battlegrounds aren't too happy with Epic Games these days. In short, they feel that a new mode coming to Fortnite, called "Battle Royale," chomps their own game's flavor a bit too much. They're even considering further action, though that's a pretty nebulous threat at this point.

LawBreakers Releases A New Patch Here's What It Does

Boss Key Productions isn't done making LawBreakers into a better game. The developers, led by none other than Gears of War creator and Epic Games alumni Cliffy B, are currently pumping out new content and updates for the game, including a new patch... and here's what it does.

Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite Shows Off Monster Hunter In New Trailer

Even though Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite is out and available just this past week, Capcom is already getting gamers hyped over the arrival of the new DLC for the game, including characters and content from the highly popular hack-and-slash role-playing game, Monster Hunter. We got to see what the new content will look like with the new DLC trailer.

Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Will Arrive In October

Very few single-player games manage to stay relevant and receive consistent updates an entire year after release. Well, Square Enix seems to have a different kind of philosophy about that when it comes to Final Fantasy XV. In fact, the game is evolving from an epic single-player adventure into a prequel multiplayer title starting this October.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Reveals All The Galactic Assault Maps

The release for Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is fast approaching for PC, PS4 and Xbox One this fall. The game features a bunch of new modes that weren't present in the original 2015 release, and EA proved that by revealing all of the new and old maps that will be present in the upcoming release.

Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite Review: When Worlds Collide

This has turned out to be a pretty stellar year for fighting games and, despite some early misgivings, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite doesn't buck that trend. While the package is a bit bare bones, you'll find everything you need to make some cross-universe dream teams and then kick the stuffing out of your opponents.

The PlayStation Store Is Having A Sale On All Things Batman

Batman Day is Sept. 23 and, to celebrate, the PlayStation Network is hosting a sale on all things related to the Caped Crusader. From games to DLC, there's plenty here to keep you fighting crime on the corrupted streets of Gotham.

A Classic Xbox Controller Is Coming To The Xbox One

With the Xbox One X gearing up to take gamers into the future of console play, one of the designers of the original Xbox is still gazing longingly into the past. And based on a recent tweet, it looks like Seamus Blackley's quest to bring a classic controller back to life is actually moving forward.

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