Ubisoft Loves The Nintendo NX, Here's Why
Battlefield 1 Story Trailer Is Gritty And Compelling
DICE and Electronic Arts decided to try something a little different with the story trailer for Battlefield 1. Instead of being a collection of explosions and gunfire (of which there are still plenty tucked into the trailer), it offers gamers a more compelling look at the characters operating within the gritty and violent war.
Wait, Will Beyond Good And Evil 2 Have A New Main Character?
A new concept image has surfaced for the perpetually in-development Beyond Good and Evil 2. The game seems like it's been stuck in development for ages, but a new image could reveal a new direction for the upcoming game... perhaps featuring a new main character?
Forza Horizon Is About To Be Delisted From The Xbox Store
One of the big worries that a lot of gamers have had about this newer generation of gaming centered on all digital content is that once the servers go down then the game goes kaput. Well, we're seeing that happen in real time as one of those games, Forza Horizon, is set to go kaput from the Xbox Store.
New Yooka-Laylee Trailer Announces An Appearance By Shovel Knight, Check It Out
One of the most beloved new video game characters to come onto the scene is the blue-armored, helmet-horned titular hero Shovel Knight. He's become recognized enough that a new collaboration was made between Yacht Club Games and Playtonic for him to appear in Yooka-Laylee.
LEGO Dimensions To Add More Harry Potter Magic Later This Year
It's a big year for fans of Harry Potter, what with a new book, movie and even fresh playsets arriving in LEGO Dimensions. The wizarding world will get its first taste of magic with the launch of today's Wave 6 collections but, later this year, an even bigger experience is headed our way.
The Newest Video Game Movie Project Isn't A Major Franchise
Another video game movie is coming down the pipe but, unlike most games that cross over to the silver screen, this one isn't a massive, AAA action romp.
An NBA Team Is Expanding Into Esports, Get The Details
It seems like esports are becoming big business these days, with an NBA team actually buying two squads to break into the market.
More DLC Is Coming To Halo 5, Here's What We Know
343 Industries and Microsoft have plans to continue to expand Halo 5 above and beyond where they've currently nestled with the Xbox One's first-person shooter. In fact, they've announced that they're not done with the shooter and fans can expect more to come out of 343 Industries for Halo 5.
The Nintendo NX Release Date And Price May Have Been Revealed
Rumors are starting to swirl based on placeholder dates that have been revealed by a supermarket chain, giving gamers some small reason to question whether or not the Nintendo NX will be launching sooner than some people think.
Steam May Be Getting A Facelift, Here's What's Changing
Valve has a private group for developers using SteamWorks where they were notified about some new changes being made to the Steam storefront. Not just little changes either... it appears as if the popular digital distribution outlet will be getting a facelift.
Happy Outbreak Day: Here Are The Last Of Us Deals Available
The Last Us took the gaming industry by storm when it released a couple of years ago. The game was the perfect swan song for the PS3, featuring great graphics, gameplay and a compelling story about survival. Naughty Dog is celebrating the in-lore Outbreak Day of The Last of Us by discounting goods on the PlayStation Store.
Destiny: Five Reasons To Return For Rise Of Iron
Destiny's new Rise of Iron expansion is finally here, inviting Guardians back to Bungie's MMO/FPS hybrid for another, potentially final, adventure. After nearly a week with all of that new content, we feel like we're barely scratching the surface of what this new DLC has to offer.
Watch The First 40 Minutes Of Final Fantasy 15
During this year's EGX event in Birmingham, England, gamers were treated to a number of demonstrations of various upcoming games, ranging from Kickstarted projects like Yooka-Laylee, to mega-blockbuster AAA titles like Final FantasyXV from Square Enix.
Minecraft's New DLC Has A Trailer, Watch It Now
Microsoft has some new DLC coming for Minecraft in the form of a Chinese mythological mash-up pack. It features a pack of textures and themes to help gamers create buildings, structures and homes themed around Chinese culture and mythology.
How Camelot Unchained's Progress Toward Beta Testing Is Going
City State Entertainment rolled out a massive changelog for the progress that's being made in Camelot Unchained as it moves through the beta process and one step closer toward a release. There are a lot of new additions, updates, fixes and optimizations implemented.
When Nintendo Is Holding A National Street Pass Weekend
Nintendo has a StreetPass weekend on the horizon. It will be a national event that takes place across the country here in the U.S. The event will be held in honor of Yo-Kai Watch 2, which has become quite the sales phenomenon for Nintendo both in Japan and abroad.
Here's Why We Still Haven't Seen DayZ On Consoles Yet
DayZ is still plugging right along, according to director Dean Hall, but it sure has been quiet on the post-apocalyptic zombie front these past several months. Fans expected to see the game on consoles at this point but, according to Hall, there's a very good reason why that hasn't happened yet.
The Forza Horizon 3 Launch Trailer Is Gorgeous And Action-Packed, Take A Look
Launching early next week, Forza Horizon 3 has long-time fans and newcomers alike just itching to step behind the wheel of the latest entry in this storied driving series. Thankfully, there's a new gameplay trailer available to help make that wait feel a little more excruciating.
Here's All The Free Games Coming In Xbox Games With Gold For October
Microsoft recently unveiled the new line-up of games that will be available for free through the Games With Gold program for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 in October. With just days to go before the month is out, gamers can check out what titles they can expand their library with.
Destiny: Rise Of Iron's New Raid Has Already Been Beaten, Get The Details
The first ever clan to defeat the new raid for Destiny: Rise of Iron is Clan Redeem. Shortly after the raid went live, various teams started battling it out to conquer the lengthy run, and you won't believe how quickly they beat the raid after it went live.
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