Attack On Titan Review: Does The Series Justice
The Next Gran Turismo Title Has Been Delayed, Get The Details
The fall season seemed like it was going to be stacked with some heavy hitters, from massive sequels to brand new IPs. One of those games due out this fall was supposed to be Gran Turismo Sport, but Polyphony Digital and Sony grimly announced that the game has been delayed to 2017.
There's A New Metal Gear Bundle On The Way
New details have emerged for Konami's plans to re-release Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes in a bundle pack. This contains both previously released games, all of the DLC and the Metal Gear Online expansion.
Some Banned Pokemon Go Players May Get A Second Chance
For a while it seemed like there was a zero-tolerance policy when it came to cheating in Pokemon Go. A lot of players using third-party wares to help them catch 'em all, as well as GPS spoofers and bots to quickly level up found themselves banned. Well, Niantic may be giving some banned players a second chance.
September’s Free Games With Gold Has Something For Everybody
Another month will be three soon, and with it, comes another month of free video games. The collection of titles offered on Microsoft platforms will likely have something for every gamer.
Overwatch Just Added New Streaming Options, Get The Details
Blizzard now enables you to stream your games with the click of a button, meaning that you can hop into a game of Overwatch right now. Read on to find out how.
Madden NFL 17's Next Update Will Deal With A Major Football Controversy
When the next update for Madden NFL 17 rolls out, it will take into account a recent controversy, turning the game into an unexpected platform for a current, divisive topic.
The Next Tomb Raider Game Just Took A Big Step Forward
While a third installment in the new Tomb Raider series has not officially been announced yet, the development team at Crystal Dynamics have made an announcement that strongly points to just such a game coming down the pipeline.
No Man's Sky Players Are Putting Refund Policies To The Test
There's been a blow-up in the gaming community over refunds for No Man's Sky. A lot of gamers have expressed discontent with the final product compared to what was advertised. Many gamers are seeking refunds even though they've exceeded the two-hour limit set by some distributors.
How To Save Some Money When Buying PlayStation VR
The PlayStation VR headset might be one of the most highly anticipated VR gaming headsets coming to the market, but it's still fairly expensive. Don't worry, though, there are some deals floating around in order to knock the price down on the expensive piece of gaming gear.
Here's Why Target Has Giant Pokeballs In Their Lots
If you've visited one of 400 Target stores across the U.S., featuring giant Pokeballs, you might be wondering why they're sitting out there. Well, Target decided to paint their bollards red and white as a way to lure in potential Pokemon Go players for a photo op, as well as to hopefully get them to buy some goods.
Everything You Need To Know About Battlefield 1's Open Beta
The Battlefield 1 beta is just around the corner and, thanks to a recent update from the developer, we now know when folks will be able to join the charge, whether you're a Battlefield Insider or just a basic recruit.
Two Free Ubisoft Games Are Being Shut Down, Get The Details
When it comes to free-to-play games they have an expiration date on them. They don't last forever. That's become apparent with the number of shut downs taking place with certain free-to-play games, including two of Ubisoft's titles.
Here's What Big Daddies Look Like In BioShock: The Collection
New gameplay footage is being released already for 2K Games' remastered re-release of the BioShock trilogy. There's just over a minute of gameplay featuring the first look at the upgraded, new and improved Big Daddy. Check it out.
One NFL Team Is Obsessed With Super Smash Brothers, Get The Details
The Tennessee Titans may be prepping for their first match of the season on September 11th, but the match on the field is not where there concerns lie. In fact, the team is more concerned with another competitive endeavor... Super Smash Bros.
California Lawmakers Want Pokemon Go And Driving Banned, Get The Details
Since people can't seem to figure this stuff out for themselves, California lawmakers have put forth a new initiative in the hopes of making it illegal to use your cellphone to do things like play Pokemon Go while driving.
When GameStop Believes The PS4 Neo Will Be Revealed
At this point, pretty much everybody expects Sony to make some new PlayStation model announcements at its big meeting scheduled for next month. Games retailer GameStop has now chimed in on the matter during an earnings call, offering their prediction on the whole secretive console situation.
A Second Person Has Died In Japan Playing Pokemon Go, Here's What We Know
Following close behind the news that two elderly women were hit by a driver playing Pokemon Go in Japan, another news story has surfaced indicating that a woman hit by a driver a few weeks ago has died from her injuries. The driver was playing, and was distracted by, Pokemon Go.
Attack On Titan Review: Does The Series Justice
Going into the latest Attack on Titan game, I only wanted the latest offering from Koei Tecmo to deliver on a few basic things. I needed big, open maps; giant monstrosities terrorizing the masses; and the ability to dispatch said brutes with razor-sharp swords and Omni-Directional Mobility Gear that lets me zip around the environments like a mix between a medieval Spider-Man and a particularly violent ballerina. But even if the game could deliver on all of those fronts, I knew it would be a tall order to make all of that swinging and slaying seem fun and fresh for more than a handful of hours.
A New Astro Boy Game is Coming, Get The Details
Osama Tezuka's Astro Boy and other works are being revived in the form of Astro Boy: Edge of Time. It's a new collectible card and battle game designed to tell the final story of Tezuka's universe through the form of CCG for PC and mobile devices.
Here's What You Need For The New Halo DLC
Microsoft alongside 343 Industries is prepping to take Halo 5: Guardians to the next level by introducing Halo 5: Forge to PC gamers. Of course, before that update arrives you'll likely need to find out if your Windows 10-powered PC can handle the Forge.
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