A Pokemon Go Player Actually Crashed Into A Police Car While Playing
The Los Angeles Zoo Is Hosting Its Own PokeWeek, Get The Details
It's no surprise that most of the country has Pokemon Go Fever, and that includes businesses that have no relation to gaming whatsoever. We've reported on pizzerias taking advantage of the game as well as humane societies using it for a good cause, but now the LA Zoo is jumping on the bandwagon to get their community involved.
How Trade Will Work In No Man's Sky
A new trailer for No Man's Sky breaks down how trading works and giving gamers a clue about the process of trading. It's both easy and complex given the structure of No Man's Sky, but the trailer manages to showcase some interesting items within the span of a minute.
There Could Have Been A Hand-Held Xbox, According To Former Xbox Executive
What would have happened if Microsoft jumped into the portable gaming space? What would their handheld have been like? Well, we'll never find out because Microsoft didn't jump into that arena but they could have... according to one former Xbox executive.
When You Can Get The Second DLC Hero In Battleborn
Gearbox Software's Battleborn has managed to completely tank on the market. The game has not managed to enter into any of the top charts, but that hasn't stopped Gearbox or 2K from failing their duties in providing the post-launch DLC they promised gamers, and they just announced when it'll be made available on the market.
This Pokemon Go Case Might Make It Easier To Catch Pokemon
Having trouble keeping your throws accurate in Pokemon Go? Well, one rather clever chap has come up with a solution that might actually make bad Pokeball throws a thing of the past, and it takes the form of a rather spiffy iPhone case.
This Fan-Favorite Call Of Duty Map Will Be Returning In Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare
Infinity Ward and Activision have revealed that one of the fan-favorite maps from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will be making a return to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Can you guess which map it is?
Pokemon Go Can Make The World A Better Place, According To The Developer
Pokemon Go has been called both a nuisance to society and a savior for those looking for an escape from the real world. But the developer, Niantic Labs, has come forward to say what they hope people get out of the insanely-popular Pokemon game.
Kickstarter Taken Down By Nintendo Is Coming Back -- With Changes
It looks like all of those folks who backed Bitmap Books' Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicon: A Visual Compendium will still be receiving their artistic stroll through the history of Nintendo's first console. After being put on hold last month, the campaign is back up and running right where it left off...for the most part, anyway.
Why Netflix Original Stranger Things Is The Silent Hill TV Show I Always Wanted
__WARNING: _STRANGER THINGSSPOILERS AHEAD! \_Last Fall, I did an article about the movie Krampus and how it reminded me so much of a Silent Hill movie, or what the Silent Hill movie should have been. Well now, something else has tickled my fancy and this time it's one of Netflix's original TV series---and it's fantastically terrifying with proven Silent Hill inspiration.
System Shock Will Be Coming To PS4, Get The Details
It looks like even more gamers will be invited to return to Citadel Station via the upcoming System Shock remake as the development team at Nightdive announces plans to launch the game on PlayStation 4.
What's Inside The Three Upcoming Editions Of World Of Final Fantasy
Square Enix rolled out details on three different editions for the upcoming multi-universe take on the iconic Final Fantasy series called World of Final Fantasy. Each iteration contains something special for gamers looking to rekindle nostalgia, while also hoping to add something memorable to their collection.
Why Pokemon Go Players Should Go To GameStop This Weekend
While the summer has proven to be GameStop's slower season in video games, Pokemon Go has given the store a reason to open its doors and welcome customers, and this weekend, GameStop wants you to go to your local store.
How Zipcar Is Helping Pokemon Go Players
Pokemon Go players who need to get around town but don't want to risk driving while playing have run into a bit of a problem. They don't want to risk getting into accidents but they also want to catch Pokemon. There may be an answer to their problems: Zipcar.
What You Get When You Pre-Order Civilization 6
The upcoming Civilization 6 will feature a number of bonuses for those who pre-order the game to gain access to it as soon as possible. Some of the pre-order bonuses that were revealed might make some fans happy, especially if they're history buffs with a penchant for Aztec culture.
Nintendo’s NES Classic Released An 80s-Inspired Trailer, Check It Out
Recently, we reported that Nintendo was releasing a smaller version of the NES console built in with pre-installed games, and now Nintendo has released a spiffy new trailer that shows off all of the 80s-inspired nostalgia of the mini console.
What It Takes To Catch Every Pokemon In Pokemon Go, According To The First User Who Caught Them All
One diligent Pokemon Go player has managed to catch them all, just like the cartoon's theme song implores all good Pokemon trainers to do. It wasn't easy and it takes a lot to accomplish the task.
Here’s What You Can Eat At The Kirby-Themed Cafe
We recently reported on a cafe in Japan that was going to be completely themed after the lovable Nintendo character, Kirby, and now that cafe has released a menu. And the menu includes a number of delectable Kirby treats.
When You Can Play Stardew Valley On Mac And Linux
Want to play Stardew Valley but don't have a PC to run it on? Well, good news! The indie darling is primed and ready to launch on a pair of new platforms starting next week, including both Mac and Linux.
A Dating Service Has Launched For Pokemon Go Players
Given the undeniable popularity of Niantic Labs' Pokemon Go, it's not surprising to learn that some businesses are trying to get in on the popularity of the app by attuning some social qualities to players of the game; such as opening up a dating service for Pokemon Go players.
You Will Finally Be Able To Use Animal Crossing Amiibos In New Leaf, Here's How
Animal Crossing: New Leaf has been available on the Nintendo 3DS for a couple of years now, but it looks like the game will actually be getting some new content in the coming months thanks to those adorable little figurines folks can't seem to get enough of, Amiibo.
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