Two Games Will Be Available For Free This Weekend On Xbox One
What To Expect From Xbox In 2017
Microsoft had somewhat of a comeback year in 2016. The proliferation of backwards compatible titles helped convince a lot of Xbox 360 owners to upgrade to an Xbox One, and lowered price of the console helped convince reluctant gamers to take a chance. So what can we expect from the Xbox brand in 2017?
New Final Fantasy 7 Still Show The Remake's Graphics
Two stills image from the upcoming remake of Final Fantasy VII have been released to the public. Tetsuya Nomura, the visual mastermind behind a lot of Square's biggest games, is currently hard at work on the remake of Final Fantasy VII and the new images give gamers a bit of something to chew on during the long wait for release.
Payday 3 Is On The Way, Eventually
Starbreeze AB and Overkill Software announced recently that Payday 3 is currently in development and is on the way... eventually. The game is in full production at the moment and Overkill Software is working around the clock to bring the game to life.
Somebody Already Has A Nintendo Switch, But There's A Problem
The Nintendo Switch isn't due out until March 3rd, but some lucky gamer managed to get their hands on one a few weeks earlier than the rest of us. Except... there's one huge problem that he encountered after taking it out of the package and getting it all setup.
Homefront: The Revolution Is Getting More DLC, In Case You Forgot It Existed
If Homefront: The Revolution has managed to hold your interest for about the past year, then your patience is being rewarded with the game's third and final piece of DLC content, Beyond the Walls. The game is getting some extra goodies, too.
Is Sony Working On A New Handheld? Here's What We Know
The PS Vita hasn't been getting a whole lot of love lately. The system has started to feel like an afterthought, especially over the last two years. Well, there is now speculation running rampant that the reason the Vita is being treated with second rate attention is because Sony could be working on a new handheld.
Nintendo Will Tie Your Purchases To Your Account, Finally
Nintendo is making some changes with the way digital purchases are tied to user accounts for the Nintendo Switch. During user footage of an early release of the Nintendo Switch, it was revealed that digital games purchased on a Nintendo Network ID will be tied to the account.
PlayStation Flash Sale Focuses On Action
Few weeks go by without Sony announcing some sort of sale on the PlayStation Network, and this weekend is no different. The latest flash sale should get your blood pumping, as you'll have a limited time to save a whole bunch of money on games with a distinct action-heavy flair.
New Mass Effect: Andromeda Video Starts A Deep Dive On The Combat
Electronic Arts and BioWare are about to put the promotional efforts for Mass Effect: Andromeda into overdrive. The game recently received a new trailer focused entirely on the combat, so that gamers can understand what's cool, what's improved and what's new.
God Of War: What We Know So Far
During the 2014 PlayStation Experience, director Cory Barlog revealed that he and his team at Santa Monica Studios were working on a new game in the God of War series destined to arrive on the PlayStation 4. He explained that the game would be a sequel, but also a reboot of sorts.
Beam Is Now Available For Some Xbox One Users
Several months ago Microsoft made a big move in the live-streaming world by purchasing their own company. Today, Beam goes live on the Xbox One for select users.
PlayStation Plus Is Getting A Free Week
If you've picked up a PlayStation 4 but still haven't given PlayStation Plus a shot, you might want to cancel all of your weekend plans and set up camp in front of your television. Sony is hosting a free multiplayer week on its home console, and the whole shebang begins today, Feb. 17.
Two Games Will Be Available For Free This Weekend On Xbox One
Gamers absolutely interested in spending their weekend playing some new games not already in their library will have an opportunity to do so thanks to a free gaming weekend offered by Microsoft for two popular games on the Xbox One.
Some Hearthstone Cards Are Being Retired, Get The Details
Blizzard cycles in and cycles out cards for Hearthstone regularly. New cards and characters can drastically alter the way the game plays, and they actually attempt to work hard to keep the game as balanced as possible, hence why they're retiring certain cards.
Pac-Man Is Getting A New Ghost, And The Fans Will Name It
The new Pac-Man Pop! mobile game for iOS and Android devices will feature an all new ghost character, but Bandai Namco isn't naming the ghost. Instead, the famed publisher has decided to turn to the general public for help in naming the new villain.
Here's What's Coming In Watch Dogs 2's Next DLC
The post-launch content continues to roll out for Watch Dogs 2, with Ubisoft releasing details on what fans can expect out of the next big DLC pack. It turns out that biotech will be a big focus this time around.
Kumail Nanjiani Is In Mass Effect: Andromeda, As A Space Frog?
BioWare is slowly starting to reveal more and more about their upcoming sci-fi, space adventuring epic, Mass Effect: Andromeda. We recently learned who is the voice behind the Asari Peebee, and now we find out that another Hollywood celebrity, Kumail Nanjiani, will be voicing... a frog?
Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Has A Release Date
Activision's revival of Crash Bandicoot was met with a lot of excitement and praise from the general gaming audience. Gamers have been dreaming for years to see Sony's original mascot back in action and tearing it up on the newer consoles, and Activision has brought that dream one step closer to reality.
Street Fighter In First Person On The Nintendo Switch Looks Just As Crazy As You Think
If you've ever wondered what it would be like to fire a burst of energy out of your hands, Capcom has you covered. It looks like they're working on something for the Nintendo Switch that lets players take on the role of their favorite Street Fighter characters.
Skyforge Is Coming To PlayStation 4
The team behind the unique new MMO Skyforge announced that they are bringing their game to the PlayStation 4. The free-to-play game is due to drop on Sony's console starting this spring, with sign-ups currently open at the moment for those who want to register their PSN ID early.
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