Why Bethesda Is Changing How They Handle Game Reviews
New Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Trailer Says Screw This, Let's Go To Space
Activision and Infinity Ward released a new trailer for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and the entire theme centers around leaving Earth in order to go into space. In fact, the live-action trailer is titled "Screw it, let's go to space!"
Why Bethesda Is Changing How They Handle Game Reviews
Bethesda made a diplomatic change in the way they address early access to review copies of their titles following the release of Doom earlier this year. For their upcoming games, they revealed that there won't be early review copies and they explained why they're changing how they handle game reviews.
November's Games With Gold Are Awesome If You Haven't Already Played Them
Four more games will be made available for free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers, two of which are already considered classics and the other two could help flesh out your library with some added flavor.
This Week's Xbox Deals Will Get You In The Mood For Halloween
With Halloween right around the corner, the folks in the Microsoft camp are gearing up with a spooktacular Deals with Gold week, spotlighting all sorts of discounts for "Shocktober."
World Of Final Fantasy Review: A Sugary Sweet Love Letter To Series Fans
Mixing modern ideas with time-tested genre staples, World of Final Fantasy is a celebration of 30 years of epic quests. That means that you can expect to encounter everything you love about the storied JRPG series, as well as a few of the things Final Fantasy should maybe go ahead and outgrow.
GTA Online Just Took A Major Step To Stop Cheaters
Rockstar is taking serious steps to curb money cheats in GTA Online. Read on to see what steps are being taken.
A New Destiny Quest Finally Has A Use For Those Raisins
Bungie has implemented a number of new features into Destiny since the Rise of Iron expansion went live, containing new light levels, equipment, armor and quests. But it was recently discovered that there's a quest in the game that finally makes use of raisins.
The Last Of Us 2: What We Know So Far
There has been a lot of speculation surrounding the sequel to the PlayStation 4 hit, The Last Of Us. While there has been some chatter about the supposed sequel, Naughty Dog has yet to come right out and confirm all of the rumors flying around.
Here's How Titanfall 2 Will Run On A PS4 Pro
There is a lot of excitement for the PS4 Pro and Respawn Entertainment's upcoming Titanfall 2. Both products are nearing release and gamers are anxious to find out how Titanfall 2 will run on a PS4 Pro. Well, we finally got an answer.
New Resident Evil 7 Video Finally Explains How Green Herbs Work
We knew that the green herbs from the previous Resident Evil games would be making a return to Resident Evil 7, but we didn't know how they would be used. Well, a new video from Capcom finally shows us how players will make use of the iconic green plants.
How A Change In Location Changes Everything In Watch Dogs 2
Watch Dogs 2 makes a number of changes from the previous game in the series. However, it was the change of the game's location that had the biggest impact on everything else.
Titanfall 2 Is Offering Something Pretty Sweet If You've Already Played Battlefield 1
We still have a few days to wait before Titanfall 2 finally drops but, in the meantime, we can all ogle a pretty rad little extra players of Battlefield 1 will be able to enjoy once the game finally arrives later this week.
See Everything San Francisco Has To Offer In New Watch Dogs 2 Trailer
The launch of Watch Dogs 2 is just around the corner, which means the hype train is running full steam ahead. The latest trailer for the upcoming "hacktion" game puts its setting front and center: San Francisco.
Is The Dishonored 2 Live-Action Trailer The Best Video Game Movie Ever?
The latest Dishonored 2 trailer went the live action route and turned out to be one of the best pieces of games advertising we've seen in quite a while.
Pokemon Go Halloween Update: Here's What Bonuses Are Coming
Niantic Labs will be giving Pokemon Go players plenty to sink their teeth into come Halloween apart from just the sweets and candy that will be acquired while out trick or treating. The new update for the mobile game features a few Pokemon-specific bonuses.
Titanfall 2 Reviews Are Coming In: Here's What They're Saying
EA and Respawn Entertainment have Titanfall 2 set to go live on October 28th but some critics are already sharing their thoughts about the game via social media and through detailed reviews. And here's some of what they're saying.
Dark Souls III's DLC Is Coming Earlier Than We Thought
After the hiccup with the Dark Souls III DLC being released onto the Xbox Store due to an error over the weekend, Bandai Namco decided to rectify the problem with something that you probably didn't see coming: releasing the DLC earlier than you may have thought.
We Haven't Heard All Of The Nintendo Switch's Features Yet
Even though the Nintendo Switch isn't out yet, they have already announced some new features are coming for the upcoming hybrid console. The news arrives shortly after the Nintendo Switch was officially announced back on October 20th.
Watch The First 20 Minutes of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
Bandai Namco is prepping for the release of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in just a couple of days and some gameplay footage has already become available for the game, giving gamers 20 whole minutes worth of footage to check out of the early goings of the game.
The Surprising Thing You Never Have To Do In Watch Dogs 2
There's a lot to do inside the San Francisco of Watch Dogs 2. However, just because you can do something, doesn't mean you have to. There's one major mechanic in the game you don't ever need to touch.
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