This New Death Stranding Theory Is So Cool We Wish It Were True
Battlefield One Releases Details on Premium Pass
Electronic Arts rolled out details on the Premium Pass for DICE's Battlefield 1. The Premium Pass is available for pre-order right now for $49.99 over on the Origin website. So what do you get in the pass? Well, quite a bit of content, actually.
Destiny Is Available For Free, Only Not Really
Some folks were shocked yesterday to discover that Destiny was marked down to the low-low price of zero dollars on various digital marketplaces. After the "hurry up and get it" hype got rolling, folks discovered the truth about this "free" copy of the two-year-old first-person shooter.
Here's When The First Dark Souls 3 DLC Will Arrive
A tweet that was sent out, and then deleted by Bandai Namco, indicated that some new content is coming soon for the critical and commercial success that is Dark Souls 3.
Traffic Death Caused By Pokemon Go Player
It seems like there's a slow stockpile of accidents, tragedies and terrible events centered around Pokemon Go the longer the app is on the market. The latest tragedy involves an elderly woman dying from fatal injuries incurred from a man driving a car while playing Pokemon Go.
How To Get More Egg Incubators In Pokemon Go
Playing Pokemon Go and you want to hatch eggs faster but you're not really sure how to go about that? Well, there's a process involving Egg Incubators in the game and there are a couple of ways to get your hands on them to help speed up the process of hatching eggs.
How Multiplayer Will Be Different In Titanfall 2
The key pillar of gameplay in the original Titanfall resided in its solid multiplayer experience. That same experience will still be a pillar of gameplay in the sequel, but Respawn is making some tweaks to the formula, and explained how the multiplayer will be different in Titanfall 2.
See What GoldenEye 007 Could Have Looked Like In HD
If you grew up in the 90's, you likely remember a revolutionary first-person shooter by the name of GoldenEye 007. The game rose to legendary status due to the fact that it allowed four players to duke it out in competitive modes. So what would the game have looked like in HD? Well, we may now have an answer.
July's Top Game Sales Show How Lame The Summer Has Been
The NPD has released its sales figures for the month of July, highlighting the fact that it hasn't been a very interesting summer for gamers on either home or portable consoles. Thankfully, the sleeping beast known as the "holiday launch window" has nearly awakened.
Is Sony About To Unveil A New PS4 Controller As Well?
After several days of image and video leaks seeming to point to the launch of a PlayStation 4 slim model, it looks like the new console might have a sibling piece of new hardware coming to market, too.
New Pokemon Go Update Should Make Battles Easier
Niantic Labs just updated Pokemon Go for Android and iPhone users. One of the big new changes to the game is how battles will play out now that they've added a new Pokemon appraisal feature.
The Mafia III Soundtrack May Be The Greatest Mixtape Ever
Housing a collection of classic tunes from a bygone era, 2K Games and Hangar 13 Studios want to bring gamers back to an age of music when Motown was big and funk was coming into its own. That seems to be the gist of the new Mafia III soundtrack, which features 100 different songs from the 1960s.
This New Death Stranding Theory Is So Cool We Wish It Were True
A new photo for the behind-the-scenes pre-production of Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding has surfaced, and, because of it, some gamers are convinced that a certain badass actor is in it.
Is Pokemon Go A Fad After All? Check Out The Data
The stats for Niantic Labs and Nintendo's Pokemon Go aren't looking good. Sustained user engagement is starting to waver and the numbers are starting to show that interest is waning... fast. According to various charts and market research reports, Pokemon Go could be a fad after all.
A Lawsuit Against Oculus VR Is Getting Ugly
The lawsuit over virtual reality technology involving ZeniMax and Oculus is heating up, with statements filed by the former specifically calling out parties of the latter, including Brendan Iribe, John Carmack, Palmer Luckey, and even Facebook.
The Epic Mickey Spinoff We'll Never See Starred Another Classic Disney Character
It turns out that the Epic Mickey series had a spinoff in the making, one that featured a character that's just about as famous as Disney's mascot mouse. Sadly, that game will never see the light of day.
PlayStation Plus Is About To Get More Expensive, Get The Details
PlayStation Plus has evolved into a major success over the years, giving gamers the opportunity to play online and grab some gratis games on a monthly basis for just 50 bucks a year. Starting next month, though, all of those goods and services are going to go up in price.
New Rise Of The Tomb Raider DLC Lets You Explore Croft Manor
Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix have released a new trailer for the Croft Manor DLC in a quest called "Blood Ties". The new content is for Rise of the Tomb Raider on both PC and the Xbox One, and you can get a look at the new content ahead of its release.
Silent Hill Inspired Horror Title, Allison Road, Is Back From The Dead
Lilith Studio came onto the scene last year as somewhat of a savior in gaming with the announcement of Allison Road. It was supposed to be a spiritual successor to the P.T. Demo that Konami cancelled, only Allison Road ended up being cancelled, too. Well, now it's back.
Check Out Super Mario At The Olympic Closing Ceremonies
Tokyo, Japan is the next location for the 2020 Olympic Games. During the closing ceremony the Japanese Prime Minister wanted to prep everyone for the event in Tokyo, and he did so by transforming into one of Japan's most iconic characters: Super Mario. Check out the crazy awesome video.
The PS4 Slim Has Leaked, Check It Out
New information has surfaced for what's being called the PS4 Slim. Over the weekend images began leaking online from someone who supposedly purchased the game console from Gumtree. The console has supposedly been confirmed to be real and an announcement is imminent.
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