7 Real Reasons Video Games Have Been Banned
What The New DOOM Update Will Include
Bethesda and id Software are continuing to support the 2016 rendition of DOOM. The new game's latest update will drop on June 30th and will include some really cool features, including the new Photo Mode, which will allow players to take snapshots during the campaign mode.
The Best Of E3 Full List Of 2016 Nominees
This year's E3 was a whirlwind of creative and innovative games, but of course some stood out more than others. And E3 has finally released the list of nominees up for awards in 16 categories. See the full list here.
Why I Believe Activision Won’t Screw Up Crash Bandicoot Again
Activision doesn't have the greatest track record with Crash Bandicoot and many fans are worried they're going to destroy it again. But believing something like that just isn't an option for me.
Neverwinter Coming To PlayStation 4 Next Month, Get The Launch Details
It was announced just a few weeks ago that Neverwinter would be making the jump to PlayStation 4, and now it looks like gamers have only a few more weeks to wait before they can get their hands on the popular free-to-play MMORPG.
See The Free Games Coming To PlayStation Plus In July
If you're subscribed to PlayStation Plus and still racking up some discounts, deals and free games each month, you'll be pleased with the selection of titles across the PS3, PS Vita and PS4 that Sony has made freely available for PS Plus subscribers.
Here's How You Can Get Quantum Break For Super Cheap For A Limited Time
Remedy Entertainment's Quantum Break for Xbox One is dirt cheap right now. You can get the game for a discounted rate from Amazon for a limited time and it comes with a free copy of Alan Wake.
Bioshock: The Collection Is Happening, Get The Details
Something's churning over at the 2K Games' website and it smells like a major Bioshock reveal.
You'll Have To Wait A Little Longer For Fallout 4 Mods On The PS4
Bethesda sent out word recently indicating that PlayStation 4 gamers would have to wait a bit longer for the beta of the mod menus to be made available in Fallout 4. They didn't give a reason for the delay, but the wait is real.
This Artist Reimagined Pokemon As Canadians, See The Images
What would have happened if a Canadian game developer, rather than Japanese, had designed and developed the Pokemon games? Artist Darren Calvert thinks he has the answer, and his designs for a friendlier breed of pocket-sized monsters are pretty fantastic, too.
Renowned Chef Gordon Ramsay Is Releasing His First Mobile Game
If you couldn't get enough of Gordon Ramsay on Master Chef and Kitchen Nightmares, then you're in for a real treat, because the shouting and dirty cursing doesn't end at TV anymore. Gordon Ramsay has finally come forward to release his very own mobile game and it's something every Ramsay fan has to get their hands on.
7 Real Reasons Video Games Have Been Banned
No matter how tame a game may be, it seems there's always a country somewhere in the world that is going to take offense to it in some way. These seven games were all banned in different parts of the world for some very unique and uncanny reasons. And yes, one of the reasons does include an anal probe.
3 Of The Scariest Slasher Video Games You Need To Keep An Eye On
Ever since the release of Until Dawn, slashed-themed survival horror games have quickly risen in popularity, making them the newest hit in the genre. But there are a select few you should really be paying attention to.
There's An Avatar Multiplayer Game In The Works, Get The Details
For those of you who wish to spend more time in the world of Avatar, you're in luck, as a new mobile game based on the movie franchise is set to launch in the coming years.
The Next Call Of Duty DLC Will Include Fire-Breathing Dragons, Get The Details
Activision and Treyarch's latest DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops III will be called Descent. The downloadable content will arrive first on the PlayStation 4 starting July 12, and will launch later in the month for the Xbox One and PC.
The Free Xbox Live Games With Gold For July Takes You Back To Las Vegas
The four free Games With Gold were revealed today, featuring a blockbuster smattering of titles both new and old alike. It's hard to tell which system gets the better games, but both Xbox One and Xbox 360 gamers will be pleased with the offerings, no doubt.
Why The Remastered Batman Collection Won't Be Coming Out In July
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment are delaying the remastered re-release of Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The reason for the delay? The remastered collection wasn't up to the quality standards that it should have been.
Bethesda Responds To Rumor For Elder Scrolls 6 Development
Bethesda is currently running a bit of damage control on the expectations that some people have acquired for the next Elder Scrolls game. After game director Todd Howard acknowledged plans for Elder Scrolls 6, some people took it and ran with it. However, VP of marketing Pete Hines has calmed the masses by clarifying and responding to the rumors surrounding the game.
Activision Has Finally Responded To All Of The Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Hate
It's no secret that Activision's upcoming Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare game has received a lot of backlash over its move into space, and now Activision has finally come forward to say something to all of the haters.
Xbox Is Coming Out With A Game Of Thrones-Themed Xbox One, Check It Out
If you were looking to finally pick up an Xbox One and just so happen to love the treachery-filled world of Game of Thrones, then you're going to want to check out this special edition console recently revealed by Xbox France.
Sega Has Big Plans For Sonic The Hedgehog, Get The Details
Sonic The Hedgehog has been the centerpiece of a lot of interesting news recently, including the announcement of a new Sonic game coming next year. But Sega has also stated they have far bigger plans for the speed-addicted hedgehog.
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