The Super Nintendo Classic Edition Is Official And One Game Alone Makes It A Must Own
The New Trailer For Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Is Disturbing

Set to arrive this fall, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is looking more and more mind-bending the closer we get to launch. And the latest trailer for the game is the trippiest yet.

Overwatch Is Going To Make A Much Needed Change To Loot Boxes

Blizzard Entertainment is updating Overwatch and it is making some major changes to the way loot boxes work in the first-person shooter. The change addresses an issue that gamers have complained about for as long as loot boxes have been active.

Pokemon Go Devs Fix A Hole In The New Anti-Cheating Measure

Niantic Labs has been fighting and competing against hackers, cheaters and spoofers since the launch of Pokemon Go. The latest effort to brand cheaters was thwarted by a loop-hole, but that loop-hole didn't last long because Niantic managed to fix a hole in the anti-cheating measure.

The Resident Evil 2 Remake Is Making One Major Change

After years of begging Capcom for a remake of Resident Evil 2, the company finally obliged. However, there is going to be one major change to the game that fans of the original are most certainly not going to like at all.

Check Out The Cover Of WWE 2K18

2K Games, Yukes and Visual Concepts rolled out the official cover for this year's upcoming WWE2K18. The cover features one of the top stars on the Raw roster at the moment, who managed to fight, claw, and scratch his way up to the top of the card.

How Friday The 13th: The Game Is Apologizing For Server Problems

While the Friday the 13th: The Game launch hasn't exactly gone off without a hitch, the developers are at least well aware of the issue and looking to make good with a recent patch, a weekend event and a handful of free in-game goodies.

Here's When The Steam Summer Sale Will Begin

In the mood for a summer splurge? Good, because Steam is gearing up for its annual Summer Sale and, according to a kinda bizarre source, we won't have to wait much longer to get the goods.

SEGA Collection Brings Classic Titles To Mobile For Free

Sega has a new collection of classic titles made available for mobile users that will be free as part of a new business model to help new-school gamers get a taste of some old-school classics. It's called Sega Forever and it's for iPhone and Android users.

How To Get Free Loot In Overwatch

Blizzard and Twitch are getting all lovey-dovey, and fans of games like Overwatch are reaping the benefits. As a matter of fact, some fans will even get some free loot if they, too, are willing to join the lovefest.

Nintendo Felt The Need To Clarify How Mario Controls Things In Super Mario Odyssey

During the E3 demonstration of Super Mario Odyssey gamers were given their first glimpse at how Mario and Cappy go about getting things done in the open-world, 3D platforming sandbox. Nintendo, however, felt the need to clarify exactly how the whole Mario embodiment thing works in Super Mario Odyssey.

What Visceral's New Star Wars Game May Be About

Electronic Arts has several Star Wars projects in the works, one of which is a story-driven game being worked on at Visceral under the creative leadership of Naughty Dog alum Amy Hennig. Supposedly some new info regarding the game's story has leaked out onto the interwebs.

Final Fantasy 14 Is Experiencing Denial Of Service Attacks

With the latest expansion to Final Fantasy XIV up and running, it makes sense that the game's servers would be getting hit pretty hard this past week. According to Square Enix, they're actually getting hard enough to hurt, as a DDoS attack on the game has been confirmed.

Hitman's First Two Missions Are Now Free

IO Interactive is finally free from Square Enix, and its first decree as an independent developer has been to make the first episode of the 2016 reboot of Hitman free, which includes two missions that take place at the ICA training facility.

When The Necromancer Will Be Available For Diablo III

Blizzard hasn't forgotten about Diablo III. The isometric hack-and-slash action-RPG will receive a new character class in the form of the Necromancer. Of course, simply announcing that a new character class is on the way is kind of pointless unless gamers know when the class is coming. Well, we now know when, too.

When Detroit: Become Human Will Be Released

For years now we've been teased and given lots of brief snippets and looks at David Cage's latest project, Detroit: Become Human. But most people have been asking when it will be released. Well, we finally have a release window for the game.

What's New In The Nintendo Switch 3.0 Update

The Nintendo Switch operating system has officially been updated to version 3.0.0 and, unlike previous updates, this one actually makes a few nice changes to the way folks can use the console.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered May Be Available Standalone In Stores

Last year one of the big components to help Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare sell across home consoles and PC was the inclusion of a remastered edition of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Well, it looks like it might be available soon as a standalone purchase in stores.

Why The Professor Layton Series Replaced Professor Layton

The latest game in the Professor Layton series doesn't actually star the titular detective with the distinctive top hat. Instead, his daughter will be taking center stage this time around and, according to members of the Level-5 abby team, the shift is for a very good reason.

Why The Protagonists Of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Make For Intriguing Characters

When Uncharted: The Lost Legacy launches this fall, players will take on the role of Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross rather than long-time series protagonist, Nathan Drake, and his usual cohort of accomplices. According to Creative Director Shaun Escayg, the team at Naughty Dog felt it was time to dig into the backgrounds of some of their other favorite characters from the series.

Breath Of The Wild's Hard Mode Won't Overwrite The Main Game

If you've played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Wii U or Switch, then you know that starting a new game will override all previous save files for a given profile. Thankfully, Nintendo has confirmed that players will be able to dive into the game's upcoming hard mode without fear of wiping all of their progress in standard mode.

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