Street Fighter 5's Newest Stage Has Already Been Pulled. Here's Why
Double Fine's Broken Age May Finally Be Coming To Xbox One

One of the early Kickstarter success stories from many years ago was Double Fine's Broken Age. The game garnered millions of dollars in backer funds, and eventually managed to release on home consoles, mobile devices and PC. Except, it didn't launch on Xbox One. Well, the Xbox conundrum may be changing soon.

343 Admits They Screwed Up With Halo 5's Story

343 Industries has acknowledged that they bungled the story with Halo 5: Guardians. They burnt the cake. They fried the pizza for too long. They cut the custard too deep. I think you get the picture. Well, they plan on fixing the story for the next outing and putting the focus back on Master Chief.

One Of The Most Controversial Games Ever Made Is Getting A Re-Release

If you've ever wanted to play your way through a cheesy, early-90s horror movie but missed out on the FMV craze of the era, you're in luck. It turns out one of the most notorious games of the genre, Night Trap, is making its triumphant return on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

How To Get Star Wars Battlefront 2's Deluxe Edition Content, Without Buying It

Star Wars Battlefront II is set to arrive this fall, with a couple of different versions of the game already available for pre-order. If you don't want to pay for all of those extra goodies in the deluxe edition of the game, however, you can actually get your hands on them through other means.

New Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite Trailer Reveals Release Date

The very first story trailer has dropped for the upcoming Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite, the fourth game in the highly praised crossover series that sees some of Capcom's best doing battle with some of Marvel's strongest. The trailer is two minutes of pure excitement.

New Sonic Forces Gameplay Video Looks Like The Sonic We Know And Love

The latest footage from Sonic Forces has hit the internet, showing off the titular hedgehog in all of his 2D platforming glory. And you know what? The gameplay continues to impress us.

Splatoon's Last Multiplayer Event May Have An Impact On Splatoon 2

There appears to be a growing segment of the Splatoon community convinced that the last multiplayer event for the original game on the Wii U may have had an impactful effect on the story mode for Splatoon 2.

Mario Kart Was Originally Going To Be A Very Different Game

We've been seeing a lot of news lately about Mario Kart leading up to the release of the first Mario Kart game making its way to Nintendo's newest home console and portable device- the Switch. Now a bit of news has surfaced revealing that the game was originally going to be quite different.

The Success Of Resident Evil 7 Has Delayed The Game's DLC

We found out today that the planned DLC for Resident Evil VII is going to take longer than expected to get to market. Thankfully, the reason is a good one.

Jackbox Party Pack 4 Coming This Fall

Every iteration of the Jackbox Party Pack has been a hit, so it's not all that surprising that Jackbox Games will be bringing a fourth collection to gamers later this year.

Does This Bayonetta Update Mean Vanquish Is Coming To PC?

Sega sure does love messing with its fans. About a week after launching Bayonetta on PC (following a pretty clever tease of the project), it looks like they might be teasing the next big PC launch via Bayonetta itself.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Has An Insane Load Time

Load times in games have always been an issue for a lot of gamers. Over the years the load times have greatly dwindled, so much so that most people don't even talk about them... well, until now. There's an insane load time for when you boot up Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, and not everybody is going to like it.

This Bayonetta 3 Rumor Seems Like A Real Stretch

Sega and Platinum have been acting a little odd lately with their promotion of Bayonetta on PC. Why is it odd? Well, some of their behavior has led people to believe that Bayonetta 3 could be on the horizon, even though it seems like a real stretch.

How Long Before The Fan Made 2D Version Of Breath Of The Wild Gets Taken Down?

A fan-made 2D version of the Nintendo Switch and Wii U outing of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has made its way into the public sphere. Now there's already a countdown as to when Nintendo will step in and shut the project down.

Fallout Is Getting A Tabletop Game

Bethesda seems to have taken Fallout into the mainstream since the release of Fallout 4 back in 2015, along with the uber-popular mobile game Fallout Shelter. The company is now following up that momentum with a brand new way to play Fallout... as a tabletop game.

The Big Problem Gamers Have With Modern Warfare Remastered's New DLC Map Pack

The re-release of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was one of the big things that helped lure in sales for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, but there appears to be a problem that gamers have with the DLC map pack that Activision released for the remastered version of the game.

Rick And Morty: Virtual Rick-Ality Trailer Gives Us Everything We Want In VR Gaming

We knew that a new game was in the works based on the Rick and Morty television show, and we already knew it was in development from Owlchemy Labs, but now we have some brand new gameplay that shows us everything we could have ever wanted out of VR gaming.

An Attempt To Put Red Dead Redemption Inside GTA 5 Has Ended, Here's Why

Modders love the challenge of iterating old content into new games, or fixing up assets so gamers can experience titles in full HD or ultra HD. However, in one particular case the modders were met with road blocks from Take-Two Interactive when they attempted to put Red Dead Redemption's map into GTA V on PC.

When The Nintendo Switch May Be Available Again At Best Buy

The Nintendo Switch has been one of the most popular gaming items to release in recent years. So popular in fact that every single major retailer in the United States has been sold out of the Switch since its release on March 3rd. Well, that could soon be changing at Best Buy.

How To Get Kentucky Route Zero For Free

If you act quickly, you can get your hands on one of the most intriguing episodic games in recent memory, Kentucky Route Zero.

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