Steam Launched A Lunar New Year Sale With Thousands Of Games image
Valve dropped a surprise sale on Steam called the Lunar New Year Sale. It contains a brand new choose-your-own-adventure that determines what sort of curated sales you'll see, and there are thousands of games up and available at massive discounted prices.
William Usher 2016-02-06
Many Complain About Excessive Cheating In The Division, Ubisoft Responds image
The Division recently had a closed beta test over the last weekend for select gamers who registered to participate as well as those who pre-ordered the game. One of the biggest complaints was about the hacking and cheating going on. Ubisoft has responded to those complaints.
William Usher 2016-02-04
The First Assassin's Creed Action-RPG Is Making Its Way To Mobile image
Ubisoft has revealed a brand new take on the Assassin's Creed franchise. While rumors run amok that they won't be releasing a major title in the brand this fall for PC, Xbox One and PS4, the company has made it clear that new Assassin's Creed games are still coming out this year even if they aren't major releases.
William Usher 2016-02-01
I Watched The Division Short Film On Amazon And Here's What Happened image
The live-action film, Tom Clancy’s The Division: Agent Origins, is set in the universe of the upcoming shooter, The Division, and is surprisingly not what I thought it was going to be. But what I watched was not your typical game movie, but something that extended further than the incessant need to be as cool as the game itself.
Kayla Herrera 2016-02-01
The Division Beta Is Finally Here image
Ubisoft has announced that The Division beta test for PS4, Xbox One and PC owners is live and online. Gamers have already begun to pile in and take part in the concurrent apocalyptic survival game where players will attempt to scavenge for supplies, fight off criminals and attempt to restore peace and order to the land.
William Usher 2016-01-29
Is The Division Getting Its Own Live-Action Web Series? image
Ubisoft has been working with various YouTube outlets to produce a live-action series of shorts based around the mythos of The Division. The videos are set within the early parts of the outbreak as a select number of agents attempt to provide safety and help as society begins to break down.
William Usher 2016-01-20
A Far Cry Primal Contest Is Giving Fans The Chance To Stay In A Cave Overnight image
Would you want to spend the night in a cave in the middle of winter? Creators of Far Cry Primal seem to think so. As a clever and perplexing marketing ploy, Far Cry Primal is offering one lucky winner and a friend the chance—of a lifetime, apparently—to spend the night in a cave.
Kayla Herrera 2016-01-18
Leaked Trailer For The Division Shows Off Stunning Gameplay image
The Italian version of the trailer first leaked and Ubisoft finally gave in and translated it to English and released it yesterday. But today, the trailer mysteriously disappeared. Luckily, we still have the Italian, untranslated version of the leaked trailer and it shows off what we can expect from Tom Clancy’s The Division.
Kayla Herrera 2016-01-13
For Honor Will Include Single-Player Campaign, Ubisoft Confirms image
Fans of medieval combat have a lot to look forward to once Ubisoft’s For Honor launches later this year, especially since we now know that the game will boast a single player campaign.
Ryan Winslett 2016-01-11
See Gameplay From The Upcoming Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India image
Ubisoft recently let loose a new trailer for Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India, the 2.5D side-scrolling, platforming, stealth-action game due out for PC, PS4 and Xbox One starting January 12th as a digital-only download for the aforementioned platforms.
William Usher 2016-01-07
Why Far Cry Primal Won't Support Co-op Gameplay image
Ubisoft has made it known that the upcoming first-person, Mesolithic survival game, Far Cry Primal, won't feature multiplayer modes. It seems totally odd given the fact that the game seemed destined for cave bear clans battling each other; but it's not happening because Ubisoft wants to focus on a single-player experience.
William Usher 2016-01-07
Watch Jack The Ripper Stalk London In Assassin's Creed Syndicate DLC Trailer image
Later this month, Ubisoft will release the "Jack the Ripper" DLC adventure for Assassin's Creed Syndicate. They got everyone ready for this adventure by releasing a trailer and other details.
Pete Haas 2015-12-10
Ubisoft Delays The Division's Beta image
The Division has been on a downward slope when it comes to hype. It was at first one of the most anticipated games of the eighth gen, and now it's just another third-person shooter. Gamers would have had an opportunity to determine just how hyped they should be for the game with the beta, except it's been delayed.
William Usher 2015-12-07
5 Great Games Coming In December image
In case you thought there were no more games coming out before 2016, we’ve got a handful of titles releasing in the next couple of weeks that would beg to differ. Get ready for some last-minute entries to your holiday wish list.
Ryan Winslett 2015-12-01
Ubisoft Could Have A New Owner Soon  image
Vivendi Universal is probably best known for having owned Activision Blizzard before Activision Blizzard paid out for their own independence, leaving Vivendi Universal high and dry. Well, they're not so high and dry anymore. They want back into the gaming sphere and they're attempting to do so through Ubisoft.
William Usher 2015-11-28
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