The Witness Dev: Microsoft Threatened To Ruin My Life image
The developer of the highly acclaimed indie title Braid and the upcoming title for the PlayStation 4, The Witness, has come forward to fire shots at Microsoft. The outspoken independent developer, Jonathan Blow, wasn't afraid to let his feelings pour forth like brandy spilling off the table full of drunken sailors.
William Usher 2013-12-14
Humble Indie Bundle V Rakes In More Than $5M image
The Humble Indie Bundle campaign just keeps getting better and better, offering gamers a pay-what-you-like model for a collection of titles coming from small studios, with a portion of the proceeds going on to support charity. Humble Indie Bundle V recently wrapped and, with more $5,106,402.79 raised, they might have to take the word “Humble” out of the title soon.
Ryan Winslett 2012-06-15
Indie Game: The Movie Available Now For Ten Bucks image
Indie Game: the Movie, the film that took Sundance by storm, earned a perfect 100 on Rottentomatoes and wrangled the hearts of gamers and non-gamers alike, has finally been unleashed on the masses in the form of a digital download through its own site, Steam and iTunes.
Ryan Winslett 2012-06-12
Humble Indie Bundle V Adds Braid, Super Meat Boy, Lone Survivor image
Humble Indie Bundle V just became an even bigger bargain. The pay-whatever-you-want bundle of indie games has been expanded from five games to eight.
Pete Haas 2012-06-07
The Humble Indie Bundle 2 Racks Up $1.8 Million image
Gamers were allowed to pay whatever they wanted for Humble Indie Bundle #2, a selection of eleven independent games. While there were no doubt some people who didn't pay a cent, many did.
Pete Haas 2010-12-27
Pay Whatever You Want For Humble Indie Bundle 2 image
Indie games Braid>, Cortex Command, Machinarium, Osmos and Revenge of the Titans are now available in one digital package. It costs as much as you want.
Pete Haas 2010-12-14
Braid Now Only $5 image
Braid, that crazy time-traveling platformer from Jonathan Blow, is now a bit cheaper. Impulse is selling the PC version for $5 instead of the usual $10.
Pete Haas 2010-01-07
Naughty Dog, Double Fine To Present At GDC 2010 image
Today the Game Developers Conference organizers announced some of the lectures that will be held at GDC 2010. Uncharted developer Naughty Dog and Brutal Legend studio Double Fine Productions are among the companies slated to give presentations.
Pete Haas 2009-12-12
Braid PS3 Release Date Announced image
Hothead Games, the company charged with porting Xbox Live Arcade/PC puzzle game Braid to the PS3, announced a release date today. It's not too far away, either.
Pete Haas 2009-11-04
Braid 66% Off This Weekend image
Valve's throwing a bone to indie game lovers this weekend. Jonathan Blow's Braid is only $5 from Friday until Sunday on Steam.
Pete Haas 2009-09-10
Braid Creator's Next Game: The Witness image
Up until today, we knew essentially nothing about Braid creator Jonathan Blow's next game. Now we know next-to-nothing.
Pete Haas 2009-08-04
Braid Coming To PS3 image
Time travel platformer Braid arrived on Xbox Live last summer and it seemed inevitable that it would arrive on PS3's own digital service eventually. Today Hothead Games revealed that a PSN version is in the works.
Pete Haas 2009-08-04
Braid Creator's Next Game Is Puzzle-Exploration image
Braid creator Jonathan Blow seems to have finally decided on his next project. If you're handy with 3D art, you might be able to help him out with it.
Pete Haas 2009-07-17
Braid Designer Has Four Ideas For Next Game image
Jonathan Blow turned a lot of heads last summer with his inventive puzzle platform Braid. Don't start rummaging through his trash for clues on his next game, though. He hasn't decided yet.
Pete Haas 2009-06-26
Braid Now Available For Mac image
Mac users don't always get all the games that come to the PC but today they've received a damn good one. Time manipulator platformer Braid is now available through digital distribution platform Greenhouse and will hit other services soon.
Pete Haas 2009-05-20
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