Burnout Creators Announce New Game, Get The Details image
Tired of boring normal golf? Would you prefer to swing away at a golf ball in a room filled to bursting with priceless heirlooms? Well, thatís exactly the experience youíll get out of Dangerous Golf, arriving later this year.
Ryan Winslett 2016-01-26
Burnout Paradise Developer Hiring For Arcade Racer image
Criterion Games, the studio responsible for the critically acclaimed Burnout Paradise, is recruiting for its next project; a new arcade racer. The developer listed two positions, one of which will help with dynamic, over-the-top car chase sequences,
Zak Islam 2012-05-07
The Hasselhoff Lays An Egg In Burnout: Crash Trailer image
This trailer has the potential to go viral with its insanity, craziness and creepiness all fused together. David Hasselhoff promotes Burnout: Crash for the Xbox 360 Kinect by basically blowing up an ice-cream truck with an explosive chicken egg.
William Usher 2011-09-22
Burnout Paradise Goes Back To The Future With Jensen 88 image
New trailers for Burnout Paradise's update. The two trailers are for the Caval Bootlegger and the Jensen 88. And if the headline didnít give away which one was like the Delorean from the pop-culture film Back to the Future, I would have had you readers to guess.
William Usher 2009-02-18
EA Making Games: BioWare On KOTOR, Pandemic On LOTR image
Itís time for Blend Games to shock the world and let you know that EA plans to make some games in the future. I can see that youíre flabbergasted, and thankful that someone was here to let you in on the most revolutionary secret in all of gaming. Iíll wait for you to pick your jaw up off the floor and clean up the piddle you just made. In a recent EA analyst report it was revealed that weíd see more Burnout and skate in the near future, and those series would be getting some extra special in 2009.
Steve West 2008-02-13
More Xbox Originals: Ninjas Versus Pirates image
The Xbox Originals are getting some new friends to beef up their slender numbers. On February 11th youíll be able to pick up Ninja Gaiden Black, Black and Sid Meierís Pirates!. OK. You can just pick up Ninja Gaiden if youíd like. Because if you havenít already played the best thing to come out on Xbox 1, then you have yet to live. You also should be able to find the game used for less than $15, or a friend has a copy Iím sure.
Steve West 2008-02-05
Criterion Provides A Taste Of Winter Paradise image
Criterion Games announced today that a playable demo of their hotly anticipated racer, Burnout Paradise, is due to arrive on December 13th through Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. The fifth entry into the series introduces an entirely new open-ended approach to the gameplay, allowing players to explore a virtual city.
Jeff Richard 2007-12-06
Burnout Paradise - New Hawker Trailer And Screenshots image
Ah Burnout, how we love your pretty cars and massive wrecks. EA has released a new trailer for the upcoming fifth installment of the series, Burnout Paradise. The first true next-gen (or current gen if you want to be technical about it) Burnout game features the breakneck speeds and fiery crashes weíve come to know, but now every intersection in Paradise City is rife with crash potential.
Steve West 2007-10-03
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