Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Is Outperforming Ghosts And Advanced Warfare image
Activision and Treyarch managed to hit a home run with Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. The game has seen a 100% increase in digital sales in its launch period over Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare from last year, and has completely curb-stomped Call of Duty: Ghosts when it comes to player engagement.
William Usher 2015-11-11
Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Could Sell Millions Less Than COD: Ghosts image
2014 could be another down year for Call of Duty. Research firm Sterne Agee is projecting Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare to sell millions of copies less than 2013 release Call of Duty: Ghosts.
Pete Haas 2014-09-27
Xbox 360 Getting Cheaper Holiday Bundles With Games image
The holidays are just around the corner, and Microsoft is gearing up by prepping a pair of new bundles for the Xbox 360. One set up is more geared toward the core gamer, boasting a pair of Call of Duty games thrown in with the console. The other is a bit more family friendly, featuring a Kinect camera and a trio of more lighthearted titles.
Ryan Winslett 2014-09-13
Blue 500GB Xbox 360 Bundle Coming Soon With Two Games image
Microsoft is preparing a new holiday bundle for the Xbox 360. A new advertisement from Walmart reveals that they plan to sell a blue Xbox 360 with two games.
Pete Haas 2014-09-06
Call Of Duty: Ghosts Nemesis Trailer Reveals The Last DLC Pack image
Call of Duty: Ghosts' last DLC pack Nemesis is almost here. The Nemesis Pack will debut on Xbox One and Xbox 360 next week with other platforms' release following later.
Pete Haas 2014-07-31
Call Of Duty: Ghosts Invasion DLC Trailer, Screenshots Reveal New Maps image
Today Activision revealed Invasion, the third DLC pack Call of Duty: Ghosts. Invasion will bring new multiplayer content to the game next week on Xbox One and Xbox 360.
Pete Haas 2014-05-29
Call Of Duty: Ghosts Devastation DLC Hitting Xbox 360 And Xbox One In April image
Call of Duty: Ghosts' second DLC pack Devastation will launch in less than a month on Xbox One and Xbox 360. The DLC pack includes a Mayan temple, a giant sea monster and the return of a fan-favorite map.
Pete Haas 2014-03-06
Call Of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught DLC Arrives On Xbox 360 And Xbox One image
Call of Duty: Ghosts' Onslaught DLC pack made its debut today. The map pack is exclusively available for Xbox One and Xbox 360 for the time being.
Pete Haas 2014-01-28
Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught DLC Trailer Shows Off New Maps, Maverick Rifle image
Activision formally announced the Onslaught Map Pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts this morning. They've sent out a trailer along with full details on the DLC's contents.
Pete haas 2014-01-13
Call Of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught DLC Release Date, Maps Revealed? image
The first Call of Duty: Ghosts map pack will launch later this month on Xbox One and Xbox 360, according to a retailer sign. The sign also gave a rundown on the maps included with this Onslaught Map Pack.
Pete Haas 2014-01-11
Call Of Duty: Ghosts Doing Very Well On Xbox One And PS4 image
Amidst all of the “next gen console launch” hullabaloo, a little known video game series has managed to rise to success on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360, surprising the world with some pretty staggering sales figures and stats. It’s called Call of Duty: Ghosts, and it’s taking the gaming world by storm.
Ryan Winslett 2013-11-26
Call Of Duty: Ghosts Single-Player Review: Logan, Do The Things! image
Logan, let me tell you about the Ghosts. Never mind, everything's on fire! Run from the fire! Press A to vault over objects. Dodge that tree!
Pete Haas 2013-11-10
Call Of Duty: Ghosts Sales Hit $1 Billion, But Did It Outsell GTA 5? image
Call of Duty: Ghosts racked up over $1 billion in sales in its first day in stores, publisher Activision announced today. Was it the best launch day ever? Well, it's complicated.
Pete Haas 2013-11-06
Call Of Duty Hating: The Comprehensive Guide image
It's appropriate that the new Call of Duty: Ghosts advertisement stars Megan Fox. Like Fox, Call of Duty could do no wrong back in 2007. Since then, though, Call of Duty has become a fashionable thing to hate.
Pete Haas 2013-11-05
Call Of Duty: Ghosts Perks Revealed image
Call of Duty: Ghosts will be accompanied by yet another redesign of the Perks system for multiplayer. A blog post from Infinity Ward explains how these custom abilities will work in the game.
Pete Haas 2013-10-30
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