Ray Rice Will Be Removed From Madden NFL 15 image
Disgraced running back Ray Rice will be disappearing from the virtual gridiron too. EA has confirmed that they're removing Rice from Madden NFL 15 following his suspension by the NFL.
Pete Haas 2014-09-09
EA Banning Bots, Coin Sellers In The Microtransaction-Filled FIFA 15 image
Yep, the long-time residents of PC-based MMOs, where gold sellers have a lucrative gray-market stranglehold on the gaming scene, are beginning to invade console gaming. Why? Because of microtransactions.
William Usher 2014-08-23
NHL 15 Is Missing Features On PS4 And Xbox One image
The PS4 and Xbox One versions of NHL 15 won't be the most complete editions of the game. EA Sports has revealed that the game will ship without major features on those two platforms.
Pete Haas 2014-08-21
Madden NFL 15 Announced With Trailer, Wii U Missing Out Again image
EA announced today that Madden will return once again in August. They also revealed that the football simulation series will be skipping Wii U for the second year in a row.
Pete Haas 2014-04-28
Fake EA Sports Twitter Account Used To Scam Gamers Out Of Origin Info image
Malwarebytes has up a blog post about the scammers who are using a fake EA Sports channel in an attempt to pilfer gamers out of their Origin account information.
William Usher 2014-04-15
EA Sports UFC First Gameplay Video Looks Impressive For Xbox One, PS4 image
EA released the first actual gameplay trailer for their upcoming UFC game, EA Sports UFC, and it features some extremely impressive visuals and gameplay mechanics.
William Usher 2014-03-18
EA Sports UFC New Screenshots Released For Xbox One, PS4 image
The upcoming fighting game due out this spring for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 has received some brand new screenshots. The game also received an ever-so-slight roster update to let gamers know what they're in store for when the game does release.
William Usher 2013-12-31
EA Ends FIFA Manager Series image
Aspiring football club managers will have to find another way to live out their dreams. FIFA MANAGER founder and designer Gerald Kohler announced today that the series is coming to an end.
Pete Haas 2013-11-26
EA Promises NBA Live 14 Improvements Following Poor Reviews image
NBA Live 14's debut on Xbox One and PS4 has fallen short of EA's expectations. The b-ball game's currently sitting at a 46 Metacritic rating, making it one of the worst reviewed launch games for the new consoles. EA hopes they can right the ship, though.
Pete Haas 2013-11-23
EA, Tiger Woods Part Ways image
Tiger Woods and EA Sports' video game partnership has drawn to a close after a decade and a half, EA revealed today. There will be no more Tiger Woods PGA Tour games.
Pete Haas 2013-10-29
EA Cancels College Football 15 image
EA is taking a break from developing college football games. Due to the ongoing legal situation with the NCAA and former student-athletes, they've decided not to release a new game in 2014.
Pete Haas 2013-09-28
NBA Live 14 Cover Athlete Is Kyrie Irving image
EA Sports announced today that Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving will be the cover athlete for NBA Live 14. Irving is a former Rookie of the Year who was named to the Eastern Conference's All-Star team this year.
Pete Haas 2013-07-25
NHL 14 Cover Athlete Is Martin Brodeur image
This weekend EA Sports revealed that New Jersey Devils goaltender Martin Brodeur will be appearing on the cover of NHL 14. Brodeur will be the first goalie to grace an NHL cover since Florida Panther John Vanbiesbrouck appeared on NHL 97's box.
Pete Haa 2013-06-30
EA Shelves Fight Night To Make UFC Games image
Boxing fans would love to think that EA Sports is currently making a new Fight Night for Xbox One and PS4. However, EA Sports head Andrew Wilson says that they've decided to shelve the series for now.
Pete Haas 2013-05-25
UFC, Madden NFL 14, NBA 14 Coming To Xbox One  image
EA Sports has announced that they will have exclusive content available on Microsoft's upcoming Xbox One home entertainment media device. The games for the console will include long running titles such as Madden NFL, their NBA titles as well as their newly acquired UFC license, featuring caged fights from the biggest MMA promotion in North America.
William Usher 2013-05-21
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