Origin Doesn't Support 75% Off Sales Because It Gives Consumers Too Much Choice image
In an interview with International, David DeMartini, Senior Vice President of Global Ecommerce of EA's Origin, decided to talk frankly about the present, past and future of Origin and it doesn't take long before he dips into the anti-consumerist jargon.
William Usher 2012-06-06
Top Misconceptions About The Gaming Industry image
You know how you hear all sorts of stuff about the gaming industry, from inflation to development costs, and the actual role of a publisher in making a game? Well, all that jargon finally gets put into its place as we cover the top misconceptions about the gaming industry.
William Usher 2012-03-18
Weekly Recap June 13th: Natal On Jimmy Fallon, No PS3 Price-Cut, Sims 3 Giveaway image
The highlights of the week includes a little more mystery regarding the secret Warren Spector game, Natal being featured on Jimmy Fallon and a replacement for the PS3 price-cut
William Usher 2009-06-13
Video Games Could Save Your Marriage image
According to a new research survey conducted by Kelton Research between January 6th and January 19th, 2009 for Game Crazy, found that 80 percent of Americans actually would like to play games with their partner, spouse and super-significant other. Ah, now doesn’t that just warm your heart? Anyway, the study also found that gaming could help couples stay together.
William Usher 2009-02-03
Games Vs. Movies: Wrath Of The Sequels image
Big budget movies are often original and push for something exciting in a genre that has yet to be done, or is highly anticipated (i.e., superhero films, remakes or graphic novels.) $100 million dollar games happen to inflect a specific trend for a very specific demography, sometimes bypassing some things such as storylines or character depth.
William Usher 2008-05-06
Preview: Iron Man The Game image
Iron Man (alongside Captain America) has been on of the most recognized and least used comic book heroes in recent history. So when real gamers (and comic book fans alike) see the following description for any game: Based on licenced movie property. There’s a grave feeling of dread for said game.
William Usher 2008-04-18
Leave My Games Alone image
Do you really want some 65 year old politician deciding what games you should and should not be able to play? Do you want your games 'diluted' so that they're more acceptable to that 65 year old politician? If your answer is NO then here's your chance to stand up and say so. The Video Game Voters Network has instituted a public Wall of Protest which allows you to simply let your voice be heard.
Kate Minaker 2007-11-09
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