Rock Band 4 Will Include These 11 Popular Songs image
Rock Band 4 developer Harmonix has been slowly trickling out songs that will be added to the game's tracklist when it releases later this year on October 6.
Brittany Vincent 2015-07-14
Rock Band 4: Harmonix Wants Your Song Requests image
Ever found yourself playing Rock Band while thinking, “Man, this game would be perfect if ‘Song X’ by Band Y was on it?” Well, now you have a way to send that wishful thinking directly to Harmonix, as the developer is on the lookout for song recommendations for the upcoming Rock Band 4.
Ryan Winslett 2015-03-12
Counter-Strike, Guitar Hero Developers Announce Musical PC Shooter Chroma image
Guitar Hero creators Harmonix and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive studio Hidden Path Entertainment have teamed up for a game that combines their interests in music games and shooters. Chroma is a musical, multiplayer shooter in development for the PC.
Pete Haas 2014-02-17
Dance Central DLC Drops A Final Beat This Month image
For all of you brave souls out there shaking your groove thang on a regular basis courtesy of Dance Centeral 3, you might want to stop dropping it like it’s hot for a moment and take a seat; we have some bad news. It looks like March will be the final month Harmonix will be bringing out new DLC for the game “for the near future.”
Ryan Winslett 2013-03-08
Rock Band DLC Finally Plays Its Final Note In April image
It looks like the rock well has all but run dry as Harmonix announces the discontinuation of Rock Band DLC on April 2nd. If at this time you wish to hold a lighter aloft in a silent moment of remembrance, we’ll understand. To be fair to Harmonix, they’ve kept this whole DLC train rocking for quite some time.
Ryan Winslett 2013-02-18
Dance Central 3 Demo Arrives On Xbox Live image
Starting today gamers eager to shake their rump can try out Harmonix's Xbox 360 Kinect exclusive Dance Central 3. The rhythm game's demo is now available through Xbox Live.
Pete Haas 2012-10-01
Rock Band Celebrates Five Years With Deep Discounts On Songs image
This announcement is strictly for those who came to rock. Harmonix has announced that, in celebration of the recent release of Rock Band Blitz and the impending five-year anniversary of the Rock Band franchise, more than 1,100 tracks are about to receive a deep discount on the Rock Band Music Store.
Ryan Winslett 2012-09-18
Dance Central 3 Release Date, Tracks Revealed image
Today Harmonix announced the launch dates for its Xbox 360 rump-shaking game Dance Central 3. They've also unveiled another batch of songs featured on the soundtrack.
Pete Haas 2012-07-23
Dance Central 3 Preview: Everything Is Awesome image
While reviewing Dance Central 2 last year, I fell almost instantly in love, despite my usually uncompromising hatred of dancing. But the game was fantastic exercise for the brain and body and it ended with robots on a zeppelin, so you just knew the developers were secretly badass.
Loquacious Muse 2012-06-07
E3 2012: Dance Central 3 Announced For Fall Release image
Harmonix's Kinect exclusive series Dance Central is returning this fall. Dance Central 3 will allow players to dance to popular songs from the past four decades.
Pete Haas 2012-06-04
Harmonix Revealing Next Game At PAX East image
Soon Rock Band creators Harmonix will show us what they've been working on these past few months. They plan to unveil their upcoming game at PAX East next week.
Pete Haas 2012-03-29
Rock Band Dev Making Game For PS3, Xbox 360, Facebook image
Rock Band and Dance Central creators Harmonix have been quiet about their next move. However, an online resume from one of their employees has revealed some details about what the studio is working on.
Pete Haas 2012-01-30
Lady Gaga Coming To Dance Central 2 image
Microsoft Studios announced today that more Lady Gaga is on the way for Dance Central 2. Tomorrow they'll add two more of Gaga's songs to the Kinect dancing game.
Pete Haas 2011-11-21
Dance Central 2 Review: Way More Fun Than It Should Be image
I was extremely skeptical when stepping into Dance Central 2 - could someone who doesn't enjoy dancing glean joy from a dancing game? Somehow, miraculously, I did. Thanks to Dance Central 2 , I'm actually looking forward dancing. How is this possible?? Let's break it down.
Loquacious Muse 2011-10-24
Harmonix Developing Vidrhythm image
Harmonix is looking to expand beyond their Rock Band and Dance Central franchises. This week they trademarked the term "Vidrhythm" in the United States.
Pete Haas 2011-07-07
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