New-Gen Mortal Kombat Announcement Teased image
In less than three days a new Mortal Kombat may be announced. Why this announcement is waiting to take place at E3? I don't know, but it's happening and there's nothing anyone can do about it.
William Usher 2014-05-31
New Mortal Kombat Game On The Way For Xbox One, PS4 image
In a recent interview at Comic-Con, a little bit of news slipped about a new Mortal Kombat. Apparently the season two producer for Mortal Kombat Legacy, Lance Sloane, didn't get the embargo on the news like everyone else.
William Usher 2013-07-26
Xbox Live: Mortal Kombat, Tom Clancy Games Discounted, Assassin's Creed II Free With Gold image
The Games with Gold promotion continues this week with Assassinís Creed II, free to subscribers, along with all sorts of new content being added to the Xbox Live Marketplace, including sales on Mortal Kombat content and games from the Tom Clancy lineup.
Ryan Winslett 2013-07-16
Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition Is Now Available On Steam image
All the waiting, all the blood building anticipation and all the keyboard-fatality practicing has paid off. Your body was ready, but now your wallet is willing. Warner Bros. Entertainment and Netherrealm Studios' Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition for PC has officially launched on Steam.
William Usher 2013-07-03
Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition Launches For PC This Week image
Warner Bros. Entertainment and Netherrealm Studios has announced that Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition for PC will launch this week at digital outlets such as Steam, while the retail release is still scheduled to launch this August.
William Usher 2013-07-01
Mortal Kombat Game Of The Year Edition Listed For PC image
NetherRealm Studios' 2011 reboot of Mortal Kombat may finally be released on the PC. Amazon UK is currently listing a "Game of the Year" edition of the fighting game for Windows 7 and XP.
Pete Haas 2013-03-17
Xbox Live Ultimate Game Sale Concludes With Fighting Games image
It's the final day of the Xbox Live Ultimate Game Sale and today's offerings should come as a happy surprise to all of you virtual pugilists in the audience. Microsoft is sending off its seven-day sales promotion with flying kicks and fiery punches as eight fighting games receive discounts of up to 75 percent off for one day only.
Ryan Winslett 2013-03-04
Mortal Kombat: Legacy 2 Webseries Returns In 2013 image
If you couldn't get enough of Kevin Tancharoen's take of Mortal Kombat with his live-action webseries, Legacy, be prepared, as a second season is imminent. The original series was a direct tie-in for helping tell the back stories for the characters leading up to the release of the rebooted Mortal Kombat. Could it be possible that the second season indicates that yet another game is in the works?
William Usher 2012-12-03
Injustice: Gods Among Us Could Get A Sequel image
Warner Bros and NetherRealm Studios' upcoming fighting game for home consoles features a plethora of DC Universe's greatest heroes and villains all wrapped up in a nice 1-on-1 fighting game. Ed Boon, one half of the creators of Mortal Kombat talks about working on Injustice as well as the success of the game determining if it turns into a long-term franchise.
William Usher 2012-08-27
PS Vita Exclusive Mortal Kombat Skins Announced image
NetherRealm Studios released a new trailer for the PS Vita version of Mortal Kombat showing off the game's klassic clothes with fan-favorites Scorpion, Reptile, Sub-Zero and Kano donning the garb that helped make them famous.
William Usher 2012-04-24
Mortal Kombat For PS Vita Release Date Set For May image
NetherRealm sent out word today that Mortal Kombat will be available beginning May 1st for the PS Vita. This means that you'll be able to take all those awesome bone-breaking moves and fatality-ridden fighters with you wherever you go once May rolls around.
William Usher 2012-03-30
Mortal Kombat PS Vita Mini-Games, Gameplay Trailer image
NetherRealm Studios released a new trailer for Mortal Kombat on the PS Vita, showcasing all the new mini-games jam packed into the title, as well as showing off how the touch-screen features work and performing finishers.
William Usher 2012-03-16
Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition Now Available image
It was announced today that Mortal Kombat Komplete is currently available for both the Xbox 360 and PS3, and it features all the downloadable characters, modes, extras and more for gamers who wanted the full experience without having to pay extra for the extras.
William Usher 2012-02-28
Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition Behind-The-Scenes Video image
NetherRealm Studios talk briefly about the upcoming Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition and how the game includes everything you loved about last year's outing and then some.
William Usher 2012-02-24
PS Vita Mortal Kombat Has Touchscreen Fatalities image
The PlayStation Vita version of Mortal Kombat is said to have all of the content from the console version plus some additional features. For example, the Vita MK will allow you to use the touchscreen to perform fatalities on your opponent.
Pete Haas 2012-01-19
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