NBA Logos Reimagined As Retro Video Game Characters image
Graphic designer Mark Kenny has remade NBA teams' logos as classic video game characters. You'll enjoy them even if you hate professional basketball.
Pete Haas 2015-01-25
NBA 2K14 Reviews Completely Skip Over Microtransaction Gouging image
I had to read through many different reviews for different platforms of a single game: NBA 2k14. That's right, the golden sports goose from 2K Sports. So why did I have to read through so many reviews for such a highly lauded and highly praised game? Because “Microtransactiongate” has seeped into the new generation of home console gaming in the worst way imaginable.
William Usher 2013-12-02
E3 2012: NHL, NBA Coming To Xbox Live image
Microsoft is adding even more entertainment partners for Xbox Live. During their E3 presser, they announced that both the NBA and NHL will be delivering content through the service.
Pete Haas 2012-06-04
Garnett Is NBA 2K9's Cover Man image
The NBA Finals began yesterday between the Lakers and Celtics, which should make two groups of people very happy: ABC executives, who want good ratings, and 2K Sports, who just picked Celtics power forward Kevin Garnett as the cover athlete for NBA 2K9.
Pete Haas 2008-06-06
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