A Police Officer Thought Of The Best Way To Help A Kid Who Had His Pokemon Cards Stolen image
Talk about having the worst day of your life. The nine-year-old boy has been building his Pokemon card collection since he was just six before it was stolen from him.
Kayla Herrera 2016-05-24
My First Unofficial Pokemon Experience Was With Pokemon Apex And I Can't Stop Playing image
The last time I picked up a Pokemon game, I was in elementary school, and I hardly remember what it was like. It was a grungy, translucent purple Gameboy Color that kids passed around at school. And while Pokemon then didn’t affect me hardly at all, the fan-made Pokemon Apex has completely consumed my soul.
Kayla Herrera 2016-05-21
Now There's A Pokemon Game For Adults And It's Everything You'd Hope It Would Be image
We all know Pokemon to be a pretty clean and kid-oriented game. But one fan has created his own version of Pokemon, called Pokmeon Apex, that’s more suited for adults, including adult themes, swearing and horror.
Kayla Herrera 2016-05-20
How You Can Play Pokemon GO Before Everyone Else image
The Pokemon Company and Niantic have been running field tests for the upcoming mobile release of Pokemon GO. The game has been field tested over in Australia and New Zealand, and now gamers living in the U.S., will have an opportunity to play-test the game as well.
William Usher 2016-05-17
How Arby's Reacted To The Pokemon Sun And Moon News image
Pokemon Sun and Moon got its first legitimate trailer yesterday morning and, with it, we also got the expected dose of folks arguing over which starter was clearly the best. The answer is Rowlet, of course. What wasn’t expected, however, was how fast food chain Arby’s would react to the new trailer, complete with some creative artwork.
Ryan Winslett 2016-05-11
Leaked Pokemon Go Footage Shows Off Evolution Mechanics image
It looks like we’re getting closer and closer to seeing Pokemon Go finally arrive on mobile devices, as more and more early gameplay footage keeps making its way online. In this latest offering, we get a sneak peek at how evolutions will work.
Ryan Winslett 2016-05-04
Get A Surprise Legendary Pokemon For Free Starting Today image
The Pokemon Company is rewarding gamers outside of Japan with a free legendary Zygarde at level 100. The Pokemon is part of Nintendo's continued promotion of the Pokemon brand throughout this year as part of the 20th anniversary, in which they've been releasing new games and new content.
William Usher 2016-04-30
Watch The Pokemon GO Beta In Action In New Gameplay Video image
A new video has surfaced featuring beta gameplay from the upcoming mobile release of Pokemon GO, Nintendo's latest foray into augmented reality with the Pokemon brand. The video showcases a ton of new details, including customization, travel and more.
William Usher 2016-04-26
Disappointing New Pokemon Sun/Moon Footage Revealed image
It was previously reported that Nintendo and the Pokemon Company would reveal some new footage of Pokemon Sun and Moon on April 3rd during a Japanese variety show. Well, they unveiled footage that was new to Japanese viewers, but it was not new to everyone else in the rest of the world.
William Usher 2016-04-03
Here's How You Can Get Another Free Mythical Pokemon image
April is officially upon us, which means it's time to celebrate with another free legendary Pokemon to add to your collection. Luckily for all of you trainers out there, we've got the details on how you can get your hands on this latest offering from The Pokemon Company.
Ryan Winslett 2016-04-02
First Footage Of Pokemon Sun And Moon Is Coming Soon  image
Nintendo has been keeping the lid on their Pokemon games due out this year. They haven't been showing a lot of footage or promotional material for the upcoming titles, and only just recently did they release some new screenshots for Pokemon GO. Well, the highly anticipated and newly announced titles, Pokemon Sun and Moon, will receive its first gameplay footage soon.
William Usher 2016-03-26
See The First Screenshots Of Pokemon Go Unveiled image
You know what this world needs? More Pokemon, of course. Thankfully, we’ll soon be able to capture the little critters no matter where we go as Pokemon Go preps for its mobile launch. And now we’ve even got some additional details and a couple of images of the game in action, too.
Ryan Winslett 2016-03-25
The World's Largest Pokemon Card Is Made Up Of 13,000 Single Pokemon Cards image
So there’s a giant Pokemon trading card that’s actually made out of thousands of other Pokemon trading cards, making it one of the most meta art installations on the planet.
Ryan Winslett 2016-03-22
Alleged Pokemon Go Leaked Footage Shows Off Ivysaur Capture Gameplay image
There has been some footage leaked online, allegedly showcasing some of the gameplay from Niantic's upcoming Pokemon GO for mobile phones and smart devices. Nintendo announced the game last year and it's been dark ever since... until now.
William Usher 2016-03-21
Pokemon Creative Design Director Killed During Wind Storm image
Sad news struck the gaming universe recently when it was reported that the creative design director who worked on multiple Pokemon games for Nintendo's platforms had been killed in an car accident due to a wind storm that was sweeping through the Washington state area.
William Usher 2016-03-16
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