RIFT 2.4 Adds Two New Raids image
Trion Worlds has provided an overview on the "Beyond Infinity" update for their MMORPG RIFT today. Patch 2.4 will begin a brand-new storyline and send players to new corners of the realms.
Pete Haas 2013-09-11
RIFT Is Now Free-To-Play image
Trion Worlds' medieval fantasy MMO RIFT made its transition to free-to-play today. The full game can now be downloaded and played for no charge.
Pete Haas 2013-06-12
RIFT Is Going Free-To-Play image
The MMORPG RIFT, two years old as of March, will no longer require a subscription to play. Developer Trion Worlds announced today that the game will become free-to-play starting on June 12th.
Pete Haas 2013-05-14
RIFT Update 2.2 Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary, Brings Back Carnival Of The Ascended image
Trion World's fantasy RPG RIFT is about to celebrate its second anniversary next month. The developers have a lot of festivities planned for the occasion, including the return of the Carnival of the Ascended event.
Pete Haas 2013-02-24
Trion Lays Off A Third Of Employees For Rift image
Artists and designers have been let go for the MMORPG, Rift. Trion Worlds didn't actually announce the layoffs, it took a bit of investigating and legwork from Gamasutra, who found out from one of the departed that up to 40 developers from the Rift team have been let go, just before Christmas, directly after the release of the latest expansion.
William Usher 2012-12-12
RIFT Storm Legion Expansion Pack Launches image
Trion Worlds has released the first full expansion pack for their fantasy MMORPG RIFT. Storm Legion can be purchased through various retailers for $39.99.
Pete Haas 2012-11-13
RIFT: Storm Legion Open Beta Launching Next Week image
You won't have to buy RIFT's upcoming expansion Storm Legion in order to try out the new content. Trion Worlds will be hosting an open beta for Storm starting on November 2nd.
Pete Haas 2012-10-25
Pre-Order RIFT Storm Legion To Make Fun Of Blizzard And Save Pandas image
RIFT developer Trion Worlds is having a bit of fun at Blizzard's expense. To "celebrate" the launch of World of Warcraft's expansion pack Mists of Pandaria, Trion is raising money to save pandas.
Pete Haas 2012-09-25
Hawken To Support Oculus Rift 3D Headset  image
Meteor Entertainment has announced today that Hawken, the free-to-play MMO coming out for PC at the end of this year, will support Oculus' new 3D headset called Rift. The headset made quite a wave on Kickstarter a short while ago but the Kickstarter project had nothing to do with turning it into a consumer product, instead it was about making a devkit available so companies like Meteor Entertainment could announce that games like Hawken could support it.
William Usher 2012-08-27
Rift Welcomes Former Players With Open Arms This Weekend image
Rift misses its former players desperately, which is why anyone with a character leveled above 20 can now log back in for free through this Sunday evening and experience all of the new content the game has to offer, including the three-faction PvP Conquest mode, four new zones of Instant Adventure, the new mentoring system and Primeval Feast raid.
Ryan Winslett 2012-07-26
RIFT Storm Legion Expansion Coming This Fall image
Trion Worlds announced the very first expansion pack to their MMORPG RIFT today. RIFT Storm Legion will arrive this fall and bring with it a host of new content for high-level players.
Pete Haas 2012-06-03
Rift Sets World Record image
This week the players of MMORPG Rift set a Guinness World Record for the most in-game marriages in a day. Over 21,879 player marriages were confirmed between 9am PST on February 14th and 9am PST on February 15th.
Pete Haas 2012-02-16
Rift Lite Is Free-To-Play image
Today Trion Worlds launched Patch 1.7 for their MMORPG Rift. This update, dubbed "Carnival of the Ascended," is accompanied by a new trial version of the game called Rift Lite.
Pete Haas 2012-02-01
RIFT Top Fan Has Played Over 2700 Hours image
RIFT developer Trion Worlds and guild site hosting service Guild Launch recently teamed up to hold a contest for the MMORPG. The objective was to find the game's biggest fan. Today they announced the winner: Sonoko Suzuki of the Wolfsbane shard.
Pete Haas 2012-01-16
RIFT Subscription Price Lowered image
Trion Worlds is hoping to pull a few more subscribers into their fantasy MMORPG RIFT. They're lowering the price of the game and also offering players a free month.
Pete Haas 2012-01-13
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