Chrono Trigger Is Now 20 Years Old image
It may be hard to believe, but the classic SNES game, Chrono Trigger, turns 20 today. That should help some of our readers head into the weekend feeling older than ever.
Ryan Winslett 2015-03-13
ClayFighter Remake Announced image
ClayFighter, the bizarre brawler from the SNES era boasting a cast of claymation combatants, is set to return next year courtesy of a remastered edition coming from Interplay and Drip Drop Games.
Ryan Winslett 2015-03-02
Final Fantasy 6 Characters Ranked By Greatness image
Let's face it: some of the heroes in Final Fantasy 6 sucked. They were weak and flawed pretenders who were carried to victory by a few key allies.
Pete Haas 2014-06-28
Earthbound Documentary Announced image
Fans of Earthbound (known as Mother 2 in Japan) have decided to pay tribute to the SNES RPG with a documentary called Earthbound USA.
Pete Haas 2014-04-26
Donkey Kong Country Games Being Removed From Wii Shop image
More digital game removal news: The victims this time are Donkey Kong Country and its two sequels. The games are being removed after November 25th, at which point gamers in PAL territories will no longer be able to purchase the titles from Nintendo's Wii Shop.
William Usher 2012-11-18
Unreleased SNES Games Reactor And Mer Wars Unveiled  image
Former spokesman and editor for Nintendo Power magazine, Howard Phillips, revealed some startling news recently about the SNES: there are still prototype games floating around out there such as Reactor and Mer Wars. He posted photos of the games to his Facebook page so old-school and new-school gamers alike could witness two games they'll never be able to play on the SNES.
William Usher 2012-09-23
Nintendo Power Closing Its Doors? image
It looks like gaming magazine Nintendo Power could be gearing up to print its final issue. Reports and rumors are streaming in today that, if true, could spell the end of a nearly 25 year run in the print medium.
Ryan Winslett 2012-08-21
Earthbound Still Delayed On Virtual Console Due To Silly Legal Issues image
A lot of gamers have been asking for an Earthbound 2 or at least a re-release of the original Earthbound for newer consoles. The problem is that Nintendo of America wanted to make some changes to avoid legal issues and Nintendo Co. did not. So what happens? The game gets stuck in legal limbo.
William Usher 2012-07-02
Retrode 2 Lets PC Users Play Sega, SNES Cartridges Via USB image
You still have that old stockpile of SNES and Sega Genesis/Megadrive cartridges locked away in a dusty old bin or closet? Well, good news for you old cartridge hoarders: the Retrode 2 USB device lets you play old games on your PC and you can even use your old controllers, too.
William Usher 2012-01-04
Mother Turns 20 image
For all those not in the know, you probably just read that headline and thought, “Your mother just turned 20? What, are the writers at Blend Games like, three years old?” However, everyone else knows that I'm talking about Mother, the predecessor to the SNES RPG that we Americans call EarthBound.
Rich Knight 2009-07-28
EarthBound Sold For $1,000 On Ebay image
Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger may have legions of dedicated fans but Squaresoft's not the only company whose SNES RPGs attracted a rabid following. A copy of Ape and HAL Laboratory's EarthBound just sold on Ebay for $1,000 bucks.
Pete Haas 2009-05-05
Gaming From The Bargain Bin image
As we all know, the economy is being flushed down the toilet of financial despair. With that said, it’s imperative that gamers budget wisely, pick titles intelligently and purchase video games with a keen eye on price and replay values. And what better way to game frugally than with a bargain bin guide?
William Usher 2009-03-05
Top 5 Most Deserved Classic Resurrections image
Let’s face it—Hollywood has had an increasing influence on game production over the last decade. From A-list actors lending their voices to flesh out characters to an overall cinematic approach to games such as Assassin’s Creed and Mass Effect. It’s no surprise that the gaming industry often surpasses the film industry in terms of sheer annual revenue. So why haven’t we seen the same amount of remake cash-ins in games?
Jeff Richard 2007-12-01
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