Super Meat Boy Headed To The Wii U image
Team Meat's Super Meat Boy seemed like prime fare for the Wii U but the game never quite made it onto Nintendo's home console... until now. The game has been announced as a title that is finally coming to Nintendo's Wii U... right there on the cusp of the console being prepped to be replaced by the Nintendo NX.
William Usher 2016-03-06
Super Meat Boy Finally Coming To PS4 And PS Vita image
After dodging countless buzz saws and deadly spikes on other platforms, Super Meat Boy is finally ready to go on yet another adventure, this time practicing his death-defying feats on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.
Ryan Winslett 2015-06-08
Super Meat Boy Is 80% Off Today image
Steam has marked down the indie platformer Super Meat Boy by 80% today. All you Johnny-come-latelies out there can pick up the game for a mere $2.99 instead of the usual $14.99.
Pete Haas 2013-08-05
Team Meat Releases New Mew-Genics Art image
Super Meat Boy creators Team Meat are slowly revealing more of their next game Mew-Genics. They've sent out images of two of the main characters from the project.
Pete Haas 2012-11-04
Super Meat Boy Dev Announces Mew-Genics image
Team Meat has a new game in the works. Today designer Edmund McMillen announced that in the course of preparing the next Super Meat Boy for iOS and PC, they began making another title called Mew-Genics.
Pete Haas 2012-10-21
Humble Indie Bundle V Rakes In More Than $5M image
The Humble Indie Bundle campaign just keeps getting better and better, offering gamers a pay-what-you-like model for a collection of titles coming from small studios, with a portion of the proceeds going on to support charity. Humble Indie Bundle V recently wrapped and, with more $5,106,402.79 raised, they might have to take the word “Humble” out of the title soon.
Ryan Winslett 2012-06-15
Indie Game: The Movie Available Now For Ten Bucks image
Indie Game: the Movie, the film that took Sundance by storm, earned a perfect 100 on Rottentomatoes and wrangled the hearts of gamers and non-gamers alike, has finally been unleashed on the masses in the form of a digital download through its own site, Steam and iTunes.
Ryan Winslett 2012-06-12
Humble Indie Bundle V Adds Braid, Super Meat Boy, Lone Survivor image
Humble Indie Bundle V just became an even bigger bargain. The pay-whatever-you-want bundle of indie games has been expanded from five games to eight.
Pete Haas 2012-06-07
Super Meat Boy Dev: Mobile Games Disrespect Players image
Edmund McMillen, one half of the development team responsible for Super Meat Boy, said in a new blog post that he's been examining the mobile market and doesn't like what he sees. He said that many mobile developers disrespect and manipulate players.
Pete Haas 2012-05-06
Super Meat Boy Announced For iOS image
Platformer Super Meat Boy is going mobile. Team Meat announced today that they're creating a special version of the game for iOS and other touchscreen devices. This new version is dubbed Super Meat Boy: The Game.
Pete Haas 2012-04-02
Super Meat Boy Sells One Million Copies image
Retro platformer Super Meat Boy has passed an important sales milestone. Team Meat announced today that their downloadable game has now sold over one million copies across all platforms.
Pete Haas 2012-01-03
Humble Indie Bundle 4 Includes Super Meat Boy, Cave Story image
Humble Bundle Inc. announced the fourth Humble Indie Bundle today. Gamers can pay whatever they want for this game collection, with much of the proceeds going to the American Red Cross and the charity Child's Play.
Pete Haas 2011-12-13
Super Meat Boy Dev Says They Won't Work With Microsoft Again image
Team Meat, now known for their widely popular PC and Xbox Live Arcade title, Super Meat Boy, has openly dissed Microsoft. That's right, joining Sony on the mudslinging wagon, the developer says they won't be working on the 360 or with Microsoft again.
William Usher 2011-09-09
Super Meat Boy Developer: We Don't F*cking Care About Piracy image
Super Meat Boy creators Team Meat says that their retro side-scroller was a popular choice for software pirates. However, they insist that they don't care.
Pete Haas 2011-07-20
Super Meat Boy Developer Announces The Binding Of Isaac image
Edmund McMillen, a member of Super Meat Boy developer Team Meat, announced the indie studio's next game today. It's a PC adventure called The Binding of Isaac.
Pete Haas 2011-07-18
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