Brink Free Weekend Begins

By Pete Haas 4 years ago discussion comments
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Steam is giving PC gamers a chance to try out first-person shooter Brink. You can download and play the full version of the game to your heart's content between now and 1PM PST on Sunday.

Brink takes place in a dystopian future in which most of the world has been swallowed up by rising sea levels. The Ark, a self-sustained city, is overcrowded with refugees. Players take the side of Ark's Security or the Resistance and battle for control of the city.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of Brink is its blend of single-player, co-op, and competitive multiplayer. You can play alone with bot allies and enemies, with a team of players against bot opponents, or solely with other players. Whatever mode you choose, you'll be able to continue to develop and customize your character.

Steam is offering a discount to gamers who decide to purchase the game during or after the free weekend. Brink costs $4.99 to purchase until Monday at 10AM PST.

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