White Titan Games recently added Strategizer: Art of Defense to Steam's Greenlight and it's a mixture of a real-time strategy game and a classic tower defense title. The object is to fortify your structures and wipe out massive waves of enemy units using various turrets, units and building management in an ever-evolving campaign.

The game isn't just about the single-player exploits of wiping out massive forces using some destructively cool weapons, it's also about competing against other players in a fleshed out competitive multiplayer mode as well. You can get a glimpse of the game with the new trailer below.

It reminds me of Supreme Commander a little bit. I like the mechnical art style and the weapon effects, especially from the massive turrets.

According to the developers the game is only midway through development and they are leveraging crowd-funding to finish off development.

Personally, I'd like to see a bit more of the game. What was showcased in the trailer was pretty good but I think it needs just a bit more “umph” added to the fire of RTS war in order to really get gamers on board.

Still, if they can keep the page updated with progress and showcase a few more trailers I think Strategizer: Art of Defense is a game worth keeping your eye on. You can learn more or give the game an upvote or two by visiting the Official Greenlight Page.




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