While the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been humming along for years, it was actually Fox who started the comic book movie boom with the first X-Men film. Over the years, the franchise has slowly grown into one of the most solid in movies today, and in recent years the studio has begun to look at ways to continue to expand its mutant universe.

2016 is going to be an important year for Fox to find out how big their comic-book audience is. There already are plans for the future that will keep the X-Men and their associated characters going for quite some time. Here’s the complete list of greenlit X-Men and mutant films, with their planned release dates

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Possibly the most exciting, and the most risky, film on this list is the upcoming passion project from Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool. It will be the industry's most-recent attempt at an R-rated comic book movie (admitting that they are very rare in this particular genre). One of the things that makes comic book movies so successful is their broad appeal, but this one will be challenged by limiting that audience to only those over 17. Still, if there was a character that needed the freedom to be excessively violent and vulgar, it’s Deadpool, who is a member of the X-Men universe, and has been allowed on the team for the occasional mission (though most of the traditional X-Men hate Deadpool's guts). Look for hulking X-Men member Colossus in this movie, as well!

Release Date: February 12

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X-Men: Apocalypse
Apocalypse marks the sixth film in the core X-Men series and will also mark the end of a second trilogy that was begun with X-Men: First Class. Oscar Isaac will star as the titular Apocalypse, one of the greatest villains in the X-Men universe. It should make for a strong finish to this current trilogy and should also give us some idea as to where this franchise will be going from here.

Release Date: May 27

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Much like Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool, Channing Tatum has had his eye on the cajun mutant Gambit for years. The project has run into a number of issues including, at one point, word that the film was going to move forward without Tatum. The movie has also had a hell of a time finding a director but appears to have finally made a deal with Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow). They’ll have to move fast to hit their targeted release date, but as of now, the movie is still set for the fall.

Release Date: Unknown (Having been pushed back from October 2016)

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Wolverine 3
The end of an era is nearly upon us. Hugh Jackman is planning his third solo Wolverine movie to be his final outing as the iconic character. While this one is still in the very early stages of development, and there is reportedly not a final script quite yet, the word is that Patrick Stewart will be joining Jackman as Professor X to give Wolverine a proper goodbye. This may be the last we see of Hugh Jackman, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be the end of Wolverine.

Release Date: Release Date: March 3, 2017

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New Mutants
As the most recent project added to Fox’s X-Men slate, New Mutants is the most mysterious film at the moment. We know that Josh Boone, the director of The Fault in Our Stars, will be helming this, and he is also currently writing the screenplay. Fox’s head of all things X-Men, Simon Kinberg, has also revealed that the movie is being designed as a young adult feature. No cast or characters have even been rumored yet, though, so this one is still down the road.

Release Date: Unknown

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