Kim Kardashian has been a mix of emotions since she was unceremoniously flour bombed outside a combination fragrance launch and charity event earlier this week. After retreating to clean up, the reality star headed back into the event and later told the media she’d laugh the situation off and not push it any further. After a good night’s rest however, Kardashian began waffling in her vow not to press charges. Yesterday, she decided to give the matter some serious thought, and today, she’s apparently decided to move forward and try to have her attacker prosecuted.

According to TMZ, Kardashian doesn’t want to send the message that it’s okay to scare or hurt someone in order to further one’s beliefs, and as such, she will meet with authorities over the next couple of days to have formal charges brought. Given the relative lack of damage to the model, it’s unlikely her mystery assailant, described as a short Asian woman, will receive anything more than a slap on the wrist, but still, going to court and getting chewed out by a judge isn’t exactly most people’s definition of a good time. That process in and of itself will probably be enough to dissuade the attacker. Plus, it’s not like the court would be willing to laugh off a second fur protest-related offense.

It’s within Kardashian’s rights to press charges here. I’m sure the attack was very frightening in the moment, and I get why a message should be sent. That being said, I think she should probably reconsider publicly stating she’ll drop something in the future if it’s possible she might reconsider. The waffle is never a good look on anyone.



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