After all the critical success Daredevil Season 1 enjoyed last year, it was no wonder Marvel brought it back for a second season, and after almost a year of waiting, it arrived in mid-March earlier last year on Netflix. Just like in Season 1, Matt Murdock was still protecting Hell's Kitchen, but this time around, he also had to contend with the likes of Frank Castle, a.k.a. The Punisher, and Elektra Natchios, his former lover, both of whom challenged him both physically and ideologically. As the season wore on, other players emerged from behind the proverbial curtain, but just like how he defeated Wilson Fisk at the end of Season 1, Matt emerged victorious at the end of Season 2, though it came with great sacrifice.

With several cliffhangers left behind, there's still a lot to be addressed for the third season. While it will be a while until the show returns for another round of adventures for the Man Without Fear, there's still plenty we can deduce about where it might pick up following the events of Season 2. Here's everything we know so far about Daredevil Season 3.

Needless to say, there will be spoilers for all of Daredevil Seasons 1 and 2 from this point forward.

daredevil fighting ninjas in daredevil season 2

What Will Daredevil Season 3 Be About?

No official details have been released about Daredevil Season 3 yet, but we can predict where the show might go given how Season 2 ended (some of which will be elaborated upon in later sections). The Hand's latest plot may have been vanquished, but much of what they're trying to accomplish still remains a secret, like what the hell that massive pit is meant for. For what it's worth, Iron Fist and The Defenders used/will be using The Hand, so we're slowly learning more about them. Wilson Fisk is still languishing in prison, but thanks to some key strategic moves, he's now the new kingpin there, and eventually he'll be free to carry out his revenge.

Then there's the opportunity to introduce other villains from Daredevil's rogues gallery, even if they're only in supporting capacities. The one thing that's practically guaranteed is that Daredevil Season 3 will be even more fantastical. Season 2 saw an enemy from Season 1 resurrected and leading a group of ninjas that could move while barely making a sound. It's only going to get weirder from there.

daredevil chained to chimney in daredevil season 2

When Will Daredevil Season 3 Air?

Daredevil Season 3 was officially renewed by Netflix during Comic-Con in late July 2016. If things had gone similarly this year as they did last year, the show would likely have returned in March or April of 2017, maybe in the summer at the latest. However, with The Defenders miniseries shooting at the end of 2016, and, as we already knew, with Daredevil being one of the heroes involved in that miniseries, that will delay the hero's next solo outing. A few months ago, Netflix's Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos confirmed that the earliest Daredevil Season 3 could premiere is sometime in 2018.

Considering how well received Season 2 was (though not necessarily to the same degree as Season 1), you can bet Marvel is excited to get the show back on the air sooner rather than later. It just might have to be delayed until sometime after The Defenders airs in August 2017, much like how Iron Man 3 had to wait until after The Avengers. Just remember that with Iron Fist in the middle of production and Jessica Jones Season 2 also down the pipeline (not to mention a Punisher series currently filming), Marvel clearly has their hands full on the Netflix side of things.

matt mudock looking bruised daredevil season 2

Matt Murdock

Daredevil was put through the ringer in Season 2, and not just physically by battling bad guys for days on end with multiple injuries and little sleep. Ideologically, he conflicted with Frank Castle, a.k.a. The Punisher, and Elektra Natchios. Both pushed him to kill in the line of duty, with the former saying it was the only way to make a true difference against crime and the latter saying that he needed to welcome the darkness inside of him. While Matt Murdock never went so far as to take a life, he did throw himself even deeper into his vigilante life, so much so that he ruined his personal life. Nelson & Murdock collapsed, not only leaving him without a job, but his friendship with Foggy damaged. His focus on Elektra and The Hand also ruined his romantic relationship with Karen Page.

By the end of the season, he was left to pick up the pieces of his life, and he started by revealing his secret identity to Karen. Matt is so determined to thwart crime that he'll never give up being Daredevil, but when Season 3 rolls around, presumably he'll try to restore the balance between his nighttime activities and his personal relationships. He also now fully understands the value of working with others, which will definitely play into his future crimefighting endeavors, as we'll talk about later.

karen page working daredevil season 2

Karen Page

The majority of Karen Page's arc in Season 2 revolved around her connection to Frank Castle and learning about his background. She may not have agreed with all his methods, but she was sympathetic towards his cause. In the midst of her investigation, she joined the New York Bulletin, the same newspaper where her friend, Ben Urich, worked before he was killed, and presumably she'll still be working there when we see her again. Then there was her relationship with Matt, which crashed and burned after he blew her and Foggy off several times and later discovered Elektra staying over at his apartment.

It's hard to say whether their romantic connection is temporarily or permanently finished, but now that she knows that he's the Man Without Fear, at least she'll understand why he's always acted so weirdly or been frequently absent. (Whether she's relieved by this revelation or pissed off is another matter.) Daredevil Season 3 will also probably elaborate more on Karen's mysterious past, including her brother Kevin, who died in a car accident.

foggy nelson looking worried daredevil season 2

Foggy Nelson

Franklin "Foggy" Nelson may have originally wanted his law career to be all about having a fancy office and making a lot of money, but thanks to Matt Murdock's influence, he realized their talents were better used helping the underrepresented. The problem was that the firm was already barely skating by at the beginning of Season 2, but because they lost the Frank Castle case, Nelson & Murdock went belly-up. Luckily for Foggy, his performance during the case (especially the opening statement) was so impressive that he was hired by Jessica Jones' Jeri Hogarth to join her firm, and Matt agreed that he should take the job.

This is where we'll find Foggy still in Season 3, and if Jessica Jones Season 2 arrives before Daredevil Season 3, there's a chance we could see Elden Henson reprise Foggy sooner rather than later. As for Foggy's relationship with Matt, that was already changed forever when Foggy discovered Matt was Daredevil. but following Season 2, even though they're on speaking terms, it will take a lot for them to be best friends again.

elektra with sai on rooftop in daredevil season 2

Elektra Natchios

We saw in the Daredevil Season 2 flashbacks how Elektra Natchios tried to get Matt to embrace his dark side, and in the present day, she resumed that when she reentered his life to get his help in battling The Hand. Fortunately, by the end of the season, Matt turned the tables by showing Elektra that she didn't have to be manipulated into fighting this "war" between Stick's forces and The Hand. Instead, she could choose her own path. Unfortunately, not long after, Elektra followed in the footsteps of her comic book counterpart and was killed by one of her own sai.

However, one of the final scenes in the Season 2 finale showed that Elektra's body had been dug up by the remaining Hand members and placed inside a strange casket. Elektra was eventually resurrected in the comics via mystical means, so it stands to reason the same will be done with the MCU's Elektra. In other words, we can likely expect to see a living Elektra again in Daredevil Season 3, especially since she's confirmed to appear in The Defenders. There's also no guarantee she'll remain a good guy, especially if The Hand mange to work their evil mojo on her during the resurrection.

mysterious figure with samurai sword in daredevil season 2

The Hand

Despite being teased and featured in two seasons, there's still a lot we don't know about The Hand and their plans. They were desperate to obtain a "Black Sky," a human weapon that holds immense power and The Hand believes is destined to take over the group, and in Season 2, they rediscovered that in Elektra. Their plans for her went down the drain when she was killed in battle, but as mentioned in the last section, they're not done with Elektra quite yet. Still, there are a lot of unanswered questions regarding them. How did the legend of the Black Sky come to be? What exactly was the power The Hand believed Elektra possessed? What was the deal with that massive pit? Will we see more of those brainwashed children?

As Iron Fist and The Defenders prove, The Hand are nowhere near done causing trouble around New York City, though whether Daredevil Season 3 will use them remains to be seen. At least their leader, Nobu, appears to finally be permanently dead following his beheading at Stick's hands, but someone else is just going to take his place at the top of the pack. Madame Gao, Bakuto, it hasn't been hard for The Hand to find a new leader.

wilson fisk in prison daredevil season 2

Wilson Fisk

Although many suspected Vincent D'Onofrio might reprise Wilson Fisk for Daredevil Season 2, it was nonetheless surprising to see how he was included in the middle episodes. When we left Fisk in the Season 1 finale, he'd been imprisoned for his crimes in the show's first 13 episodes. The Season 2 flashbacks charted how Fisk went to prison with only a finite amount of resources and no good standing among his fellow inmates, but within a year, he'd built up a decent-sized following. Thanks to Frank Castle's help, Fisk is now the new "kingpin" of the prison.

That's bad enough by itself, but it was made so much worse when Matt Murdock came there and threatened him for information about how Frank escaped prison. Enraged, Fisk slammed Matt's head into a table several times and swore that he and Foggy Nelson will pay for ruining his life. Fisk was still behind bars when Season 2 finished, and he'll likely still be there should he return in Daredevil Season 3. However, with the new power he now holds and his sights set on Matt and Foggy, it's inevitable that the Man Without Fear will have to tangle with his bald arch nemesis again.

bullseye daredevil comicbook art


One of the things that Daredevil Season 2 lacked was a clear-cut main antagonist. Yes, The Hand was eventually revealed, but not until around the halfway mark. Meanwhile, Punisher and Elektra were anti-heroes that tried to sway Matt towards taking a darker path. When Daredevil Season 3 comes around, Matt Murdock needs a single bad guy who can present a challenge to him both physically and mentally, over many episodes, and we recommend Bullseye be that bad guy. Since 1976, this assassin has made Matt Murdock's life hell in the comics (mainly by killing Elektra and Karen Page), and has cemented himself as one of the blind hero's greatest enemies. He doesn't have any super powers, but he makes up for that both through his martial arts skill and the ability to take any object and throw it with pinpoint accuracy as a lethal weapon.

He was previously played by Colin Farrell in the 2003 Daredevil movie, but that performance was extremely over the top. It was rumored at one point that Jason Statham might play him in Season 2, and while that didn't end up happening, now is definitely time for him to be adapted more seriously. As for how he could be incorporated, Bullseye has often been employed as one of Kingpin's assassins, so it would be easy enough for Wilson Fisk to hire him in the MCU to kill Daredevil, and when his attempts to kill the Hell's Kitchen defender fail, he develops a personal grudge.

jessica jones luke cage iron fist the defenders

The Defenders

Ever since Marvel announced their Netflix programming in late 2013, we've known that Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist would join forces in The Defenders miniseries. This team up will hit Netflix in August 2017, and Matt Murdock will be fighting alongside these other heroes before resuming his solo activities.

Until The Defenders premieres, we won't know how this adventure with his fellow street-level heroes will affect him in Daredevil Season 3. Matt seemed more open to the idea of teamwork by the end of Season 2, and Charlie Cox confirmed that, going into The Defenders, Matt is actually going to see the benefits of teamwork. Maybe after everything he's seen over 26 episodes, along with the other freaky stuff in the MCU, Matt finally realizes that it will take more than just his enhanced senses and fighting skills to defeat whatever unknown threat will be in The Defenders. By the time that's over, he'll have even more superhero experience under his belt for Season 3 and, possibly, an appreciation for working with other superheroes.




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