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We've been hearing very little about 0×10^c from Markus “Notch” Persson. He's only blurted out tidbits of information every once in a while. It's supposed to be a hard-hardcore sci-fi game and the first test footage of this appellation-abomination looks like a failed Star Trek game from 1994.

The video doesn't show off anything special at all, and there was a terrible 3D Star Trek game that was very similar looking for PC. I can't remember the exact name of this game and I don't know if it officially released, but it was pretty terrible (probably unofficial) and it let you walk around in a 3D version of the Enterprise, fire lasers and attempt to fly to planets. The concept was cool but the execution was about as nasally refreshing as a turd on a plate.

Anyway, check out the video below.

All right, so yeah, that looks like trash.

However, we got in trouble in the past for talking about videos without proper context. So thanks to DSO Gaming, there is context for the video. This test footage was just to show off the game's physics, lighting and laser/weapon mechanics. There you have it.

The game itself will enable players to physically construct and deconstruct objects similar to Minecraft but with much greater precision. There's another short video out there just showing minor object manipulation and it looks very impressive, but again, there's not much context and it doesn't make any sense, so until we see how the construction works in the actual game it's all just tech fluff for now.

0×10^c will also enable players to fly their own ship, battle in space, search out distant planets and establish an economic community (potentially like EVE? Maybe? Perhaps?).

While the above sounds awfully ambitious for a game that looks like a Star Trek tech demo (and if someone knows the actual name to that game feel free to drop it in the comments section below), we won't know how well it all comes together until we can get our hands on it. It's definitely something to keep your eyes on, though.

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