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The word on the gaming news block is that Aion is one bad mother of games. It’s supposed to revolutionize how we play MMORPGs here in North America and everyone wants to get in on the action. So, helping “everyone” get in on the action is gaming web portal Alltern8, as they are giving away 1000 free beta keys in a new competition for Aion.

According to the press release..
Alltern8, the world’s first online publication, community and resource site built by and (and for) the consumer, announced that for one day only beginning today, September 10th, gamers have the opportunity to win one of 1000 Beta Keys for Aion.

The competition is pretty simple, so simple in fact that all it requires is link jump over to the Official Alltern8 Website. From there, for one day only, gamers will have a chance to gain one of the 1000 free beta keys for Aion.

Anyone interested would probably do themselves a favor by hurrying on to Alltern8 before this day ends. Otherwise you could be regretting it up until Aion officially releases. For more gaming news, updates, media and insight, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.

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