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A survey was taken recently that took into account more than 22 million gamers across various age groups and the results are a bit startling...or maybe not. But it appears older gamers spend almost seven times more than their younger counterparts on virtual gaming goods.

In a research and marketing survey conducted by MocoSpace to gauge and retrieve more detailed information about their consumer base, it was revealed that the 18-25 year old crowd games the most but spends the least, making up for only 10% of purchased virtual goods or cash shop items, where-as the 25-35 group made up for more than 22% of the purchased goods consumer base, and spent twice as much time in social and online games than any other age group surveyed. The real news is that the older, 45 and up crowd spends the least amount of time playing out of any age group but makes up for 70% of the consumer base buying virtual items and cash shop goods.

MocoSpace CEO Justin Siegel shared his thoughts on the market data, saying...
“We’re seeing parents go from spending money on buying games for their kids, to spending money on virtual goods in games for themselves. The time-versus-money balance seems to come into play here, where young people have more time than money, and the reverse holds true as we all grow up,”

Very well said and it does ring true given that young kids only have to worry about chores and homework, where-as parents and the older crowd have work, meetings and those awkward and awful social gatherings that's required for the sake of being a fleshy human.

Anyways, what we learned from this is that young people are a bit more frugal when it comes to cash shop spending because most probably don't have jobs or don't have a lot of money to spend on virtual items. Added to this, I'm sure a lot of young'ns prefer spending their money on Justin Bieber paraphernalia. The older group on the other hand has paid their dues in real life and doesn't need to "grind" in a game to prove they can kick butt and take, they don't know who Justin Bieber is.

You can learn more about the study and the social networking metaverse by visiting the Official MocoSpace Website.

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