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Nexon and Doobic Game Studios has announced that North Americans, Europeans and Japanese will be able to experience some 24-player, PvP, Unreal Engine 3 powered action starting later this year when Shadow Company: The Mercenary War launches as a free-to-play MOFPS for PC.

The gameplay is rocking and rolling and fast and furious like A.V.A. and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. There are even helicopters flying around and fast framerates to keep things moving milky smooth like butter sliding down a glass wall in mid-July. That is, assuming you like your action fast, furious and chock full of Michael Bay 'Splosion™.

Jun Hyok Im, CEO of Doobic Game studios shared a few comments about the upcoming game release and having it published by Nexon, saying...
“Partnering with Nexon to publish and service Shadow Company: The Mercenary War is a great opportunity for us to show the world how compelling a free-to-play FPS can be,”... “We are committed to working with the best partner in each market in order to make Shadow Company: The Mercenary War the finest first-person shooter available. Given our publishing history with Nexon and the company’s track record of success, it was an easy decision to partner with Nexon once again.”

Now the video above and the quote from Hyok Im don't do much to actually explain what separates this game from any other standard-fare military shooter. However, the thing is, the game has four teams simultaneously vying to control each map. Players will be working side-by-side with teammates to thwart three other teams also battling for control, hence the name Mercenary War. You can call in for air-raids, helicopter drops, bombing runs and more, as well as heal teammates, kick enemies when they're down and a lot more.

Shadow Company: The Mercenary War will be published by Nexon later this year in North America, Japan and Europe.

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