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We don't get many open-world shooters. Despite the popularity of the FPS genre we just don't get many open-world shooters. Well, Red 5 Studios' FireFall isn't just an open-world shooter it's an open-world RPG-shooter that also happens to allow for massive amounts of players to explore and quest and PvP.

The newest developer diary for FireFall covers the game's massive world and the exploratory nature of being able to scale any mountaintop or obstruction. What's more is that many of the areas designated for things like PvP can also be interacted with in PvE. It's a great setup. Check it out below.

One of the things that really seem cool about FireFall is that it adds a sense of adventure to the first-person/third-person shooting genre. It's not just shooting all the time but there's a measure of resource gathering, questing, exploring, vehicular exploration and player-vs-player combat. I imagine when clans get big it would become a pretty huge thing to combat established clans for resources and materials. The possibilities for this game could be gigantic.

Another wave of beta testers will soon be allowed to check out the world of FireFall as Red 5 preps the game for a final release later this year. You can learn more or sign up for the beta by paying a visit to the Official Website.