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If you wanted to get your hands on FireFall but haven't been very lucky about landing yourself a spot in the closed beta, well your luck could be looking up because the game will because the game will be playable and open to all at the PAX East event.

As stated in the press release...
The Red 5 team will show Firefall during PAX East on April 6-8 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, booth 536. Those attending will get the first live beta demo of Firefall’s deep open world – revealing key characters, missions, and crafting mechanics – as well as receive a permanent invite into the game for after the show. Typhon and Mourningstar will also be there in full “Battleframes”, designed and handcrafted by renowned artist, Steve Wang.

The game takes the MMO genre to different heights by combining the fast-paced thrills of a third-person shooter or a first-person shooter, along with all the micro-managing of an RPG and the resource gathering of an RTS game. Essentially you get this atmospheric world where player interaction, action and reaction creates a resounding social collaboration unlike many other games out there.

The inclusion of clans, exploration, random events, construction and vehicles further delves players into an immensely interactive society that aims to combine the best of many different genres.

The FireFall public beta demo will be on display at PAX East in Boston, Massachusettes, between April 6th and April 8th. If you want more information feel free to visit the Official Website.