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In a week, 2K Games will release the Gods and Kings expansion pack to Civilization V. To prepare Civ fans for the launch, they've released a trailer detailing the expansion's new features.

Gods and Kings introduces nine civilizations, including Austria, Carthage and Ethiopia. Players will have an additional 27 units, 13 buildings and nine wonders to use in their quest for domination. You can test your skills in three historic scenarios set during the medieval period, the fall of the Roman Empire, and a steampunk version of the Victorian Era.

As the expansion's title suggests, religion plays a big role in the gameplay. Players will be able to create a religion of their own and then try to spread it through the world with new units. This adds another layer to the game's diplomacy, as other countries might treat you differently depending on your beliefs. The Mongols, for example, will probably not appreciate your devotion to the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Speaking of diplomacy: Gods and Kings will also give players a wide range of espionage options. Players will be able to deploy spies to other civilizations in order to gather information, steal technology, or otherwise hinder your enemies. Spies will gain levels over time by completing successful missions.

Gods will debut in North America on the 19th. The international launch will follow on the 22nd.