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Have you seen the movie Twilight and thought to yourself? "Hot dangit, I want to hunt me some juicy werewolves and fry their meat on a fire!" Well, for those of you who could pull yourselves away from being mesmerized by the jean-shorts and sneaker wearing werewolves in Twilight, and felt the need to hunt and eat them, you might like the upcoming game from Artifice Studio, Sang-Froid. Except, you don't do a whole lot of werewolf eating...especially considering that they were once human; that would sort of make you a cannibal. That's not really cool if you did that.

Moving may have seen the trailer briefly in our Weekly Recap, but the game really is such a breath of fresh air compared to all the other standard-fare military shooters we've been receiving lately. Sang-Froid is a 3D action-oriented game that puts players in the role of werewolf hunters, where you must use fire to stay the wolves from surrounding you and you must use traps to outwit them. There are, of course, additional means of combat such as axes, nets and rifles, but wits still win in the end.

The game, as a general premise, is basically a third-person tower-defense game. I love idea, though, that it seems to take itself seriously enough to present the concept as more of a visceral hack-and-slash RPG, similar to Trendy Entertainment's Dungeon Defenders. The reliance on an actual story is also fascinating and the moody aesthetic offset with the caricaturized avatar designs helps give the game a nice balance between a serious action-strategy title and a fun-loving good time.

Sang-Froid Tome I, is set for release this summer exclusively on PC. I imagine if sales are strong enough we may see this appear on additional platforms, I don't know...we'll see. For more information feel free to visit the Official Website.

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