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Civilization V is expanding, conquering new territory on the cloud-based gaming frontier with a recent release on OnLive. Even cooler news is the fact that Sid Meier's world conquering simulator is 100 percent free through the game streaming service with the purchase of Civ V's first expansion, Gods and Kings.

In Civilization V, players build a society from scratch. You'll establish and grow your borders, deal with foreign diplomats, advance your society and, if the need arises, go to all-out war. War is the super fun part. That's where you get to kill things.

The Gods and Kings expansion adds the ability to pick a religion for your tiny citizens, introduces espionage mechanics, as well as retooling some of the combat and diplomacy features. All this extra content is going for $29.99. However, if you pick it up through OnLive, you'll be able to play the original game at no additional cost. That's not amazingly helpful if you already own Civilization V but, if you're new to the game, that's a fantastic savings.

OnLive requires little more than a decent internet connection to use. You can set up the service on your computer or order an OnLive box for your television. Either way, once you get an account up and running, you'll be just 30 bucks away from diving into the complete Civilization V experience.

For more information on the Gods and Kings expansion or OnLive itself, visit the official site.