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After being very open about how they address consumer concerns and complaints, Red 5 Studios seen a massive surge in people registering to play their upcoming hybrid MMO, FireFall. And by surge, I mean people registering in droves with more than half-a-million people signed on to play the game.

Mark Kern, CEO of Red 5 commented in the press release, saying...
"The feedback and support from our community has been an integral part of the development process,"..."We’re treating Firefall as a service, which means it’s critical that we’re continually adding value and fun for players. Having a large and growing community lets us know that we’re on the right track. But more importantly, their feedback helps us stay on the right track."

Red 5 released a video not too long ago talking about changes they made based directly on community feedback. Gamers gave Red 5 a figurative standing ovation for being so connected to the community and actually listening to fans. It was also a great sign that a company who wants to see their product succeed has to have a fair amount of communication with the people who will keep you on the money train.

FireFall itself is a mixed third-person/first-person shooting MMORPG. The combat is non-targeting, so it's all manual and based on the actual skills of the players as opposed to auto-targeting by selecting enemies using the mouse cursor. The game relies heavily on farming resources, building up or re-building towns, exploring the game world and opening up new areas to explore.

The game's free-form world structure lends itself closer to the likes of Anarchy Online than World of Warcraft, with a large focus on players forming groups, gangs or guilds and battling to control resources, materials, towns and territories. What's more is that the game actually looks pretty cool and goes for amore cel-shaded feel and a very wide-sweeping scope on environmental exploration.

FireFall will be at the upcoming Anime Expo between June 29th and July 1st with a LAN-on-wheels exhibition, enabling gamers to test the game out ahead of launch.

FireFall is still currently in beta testing and you can learn more about the free-to-play title by paying a visit to the game's Official Website.