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Square Enix will release their Hong Kong sandbox game Sleeping Dogs in a couple days. The PC version will be available through Steam and to celebrate this fact, Valve has released a new Team Fortress 2 map inspired by the game.

"Were you thinking, 'I really like playing TF2, but I wish there was a King of the Hill map set in a Chinese cityscape'? Well, your oddly specific and scarily prescient dreams have come true! Introducing Kong King - TF2’s first city-themed map! - created in collaboration with Sleeping Dogs and community member Valentin Levillain, aka 3Dnj," says Valve.

While a new map is always exciting, the fact that Valve branched into urban environments with this one is even better. It's a nice break from the usual rural and industrial maps of the game. Perhaps we'll see additional city maps in the future?

The map, Kong King, is available to all players via a free patch. It should download automatically as soon as you start up Steam. It's not a pre-order bonus for Sleeping Dogs or anything like that.

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