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The annual sugar orgy known as Halloween is always rough on kids' teeth. The American Dental Association has armed themselves with an interesting weapon for this year's battle against tooth decay: free copies of Plants vs. Zombies.

The ADA and PopCap Games are teaming up to give away PvZ trading cards. These cards will be doled out by local dentists; you're encouraged to call yours to see if they've got them. Each card has a code to download the tower defense game on either the PC or Mac.

Parents are also encouraged to give these cards out to trick-or-treaters instead of candy. You can download the PDF file here and then print out as many as you want. The only drawback is that you're going to have to explain these cards to every single kid you give them to.

If you don't want to go to the dentist and you like to ignore trick-or-treaters, here's the download code: PEAH8R. Head to the promotion's website between October 30th and November 10th to get your copy of the game. I assume you'll have to download it through Steam or Origin.

Ultimately PopCap is giving away a lot of free copies of the game through this promotion. I doubt they're sweating it, though. PvZ is already three years old. Furthermore, the sequel will be arriving in the spring.