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Sega is reviving one of the best games released for their old Dreamcast console. Crazy Taxi, an open-world racing game, will be coming to iOS devices sometime in the near future.

In Crazy Taxi, players pick up passengers and then drive them to their destination. You earn money by performing stunts along the way and completing the trip as quickly as possible. However, each customer has a timer and if you take too long to deliver them to their destination, you won't get any money.

The premise seems very simplistic these days. After all, taxi driving is just a mere mini-game in Grand Theft Auto III, a title released two years later. Still, the arcade-style driving of Crazy can be very addicting and I don't doubt many people will pick this game up on iOS.

Sega didn't announce the features or release date for the mobile Crazy Taxi. However, they provided a short teaser trailer that will answer zero of your questions.

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