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Firaxis and 2K announced that their exclusive iOS haunting-strategy game, Haunted Hollow, is now available for Apple's iOS powered devices. In addition to announcing the availability of the game, they also released a brand new launch trailer to show off all the features of the title.

Haunted Hollow sees players taking on the role of a mansion owner who must build up and customize a haunted house, gather up an army of monsters and then go around the neighborhood and scare the living tar out of residents. You'll have to deal with angry mobs, minor character management and even some PvP.

When asked about whether or not this game could appeal to the masses or would hold the interest of core gamers, Firaxis designers Will Miller and David McDonnough responded with the following...
The game is certainly easy enough to pick up and figure out where you left off, and the mechanics are simple to explain to people. When you add in the different monster types and building a team of monsters, then you start to get into the kind of strategies like you see in collectible card game deck-building, and a lot of planning against possible opponents.

We want as many people as possible playing against each other, and so the game needs that sort of emergent complexity from simple systems. That’s also a hallmark of Firaxis’ games, and one we’ve tried to bring out in Haunted Hollow.

The team is also hard at work on an XCOM title for mobile phones and they recently announced that a Sid Meier's Air Patrol is currently in the works, bringing aerial strategy warfare to mobile devices.

You can grab Haunted Hollow right now from the iTunes app store, for free, and the team promises that the micortransactions aren't quite as invasive as some other games out there that managed to grab a pretty bad rap.

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