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Ashtree Works released a new debut trailer for their sci-fi stealth game Paradise Lost: First Contact. The trailer arrives alongside a concept page on Steam Greenlight that gauges user interest in the upcoming side-scroller that combines a lot of interesting concepts into an intriguing premise.

The first thing a lot of gamers thought about when they first heard the name was that it had something to do with the famed poem by John Milton about Adam and Eve, but there's nothing really in the video or the description of the game that appears to suggest that this side-scrolling escape-or-be-captured game has any relationship to that old poetic text.

The video does roll out some familiar themes until it takes a dramatic twist. Unlike other games where you're playing as the fearless alien-killing bounty hunter or the fearful scientist trapped in the horizon of an event involving cross-dimensional invaders, the player in this instance will fulfill the role of the captive. Funnily enough, the alien is the one being poked and prodded and gamers have to find a way to escape.

The game uses a very low-fi design structure for the characters and environments fused with an enriched color scheme and animations as slick as a Firestone tire on a rainy roadway. The game's hook is mostly in the player's ability to navigate the research facility and escape the grasp of pesky scientists and armed-to-the-teeth guards using giant mechs to overcompensate for their inadequacies.

I like the look and feel of the game and this emergence of 8-bit graphics using 32-bit color schemes and fluid-motion animation techniques is pretty cool. It's a nice way for indie studios to help carve out a lo-fi, low-budget look while still finding a way to captivate and entice gamers with something artistically poignant, similar to the very emotionally motivating game, Riot or Hyper Light Drifter.

The game is still in the concept phase over on Steam's Greenlight page, but if you would like to offer support or discuss the game further, feel free to show your support by paying a visit to the game's page.

We'll keep you posted on further info on the game as it becomes available, but mostly I just can't wait until it becomes a full fledged Greenlight participant so we can upvote this game onto the Steam store. This game looks righteous.

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