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Wha-what?! What is this madness? An old console game releasing in the middle of the week on Steam from a publisher who doesn't usually bat an eye at the PC platform? What is this?! If you're confused, you're in the same boat as the rest of us. Guilty Gear Isuka was released today on digital distributors, namely Steam, and you can pick up a digital copy of the former-PS2 exclusive for under $10.

The move kind of comes straight out of left field. There's no real reason why Isuka – out of the illustrious library of fighters under the wing of Arc System Works – would be the one chosen to make its debut on Steam.

Some users also noted the odd choice of games, having a PS2 fighter appear on the user-heavy digital distribution portal, with one user on the forums stating...
“Yeah... I'm scratching my head right now. Out of all the Arc fighters they went with Isuka? Would have much rather had +R or BB... the arcade versions run on Taito Type X, which is a windows based PC already.”

Well, it turns out that this actually has nothing to do with Arc System works, as far as the developers are concerned. James Deputy from Kiss, the ones who acquired the publishing rights to distribute Guilty Gear Isuka on Steam and other digital outlets, commented about the situation, saying...
“Just to clarify, this has nothing to do with Arc System Works. We have acquired the rights for distribution from another company. With that said, however, we will be contacting Arc System Works to see if they have interest in us helping them bring additional titles to Steam. Thanks for your interest!”

Well that helps clarify the situation a lot, eh?

Kiss Ltd is also responsible for other former console exclusives, such as Gun Metal, which they also released today for PC as well. I'm certainly not complaining one bit.

If Kiss or another publisher can gain the rights of distribution to some of these classics for redistribution on newer digital portals, especially the DRM-free Good Old Games, then I'm all in favor.

I would love to see a ton of older PS2 exclusives making a return with higher resolutions and revamped controls for a release on PC. Heck, some of the more rare fighting titles from Japan would be very much welcomed as a part of my digital library.

As for Guilty Gear Isuka, the game is a four-player fighter with a couple of neat modes, including GG Most Mode, Robo-Ky II Factory and the side-scrolling adventure mode where you can take on near-endless waves of increasingly difficult and ever-powerful enemies as you attempt to become the champion of champions.

The only downside is that the game only supports local multiplayer, so you'll probably need some spare 360/PS3 controllers available.

You can pick up a digital copy of Guilty Gear Isuka from Steam right now for $8.99 or GOG for only $5.99. You can check out a gameplay video to see what you're getting for such a low price.

Now how about a port of Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-?

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