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Now here's some news you can take the bank, or rather, news you won't have to take to your bank. Plextor, known for their high-end peripherals and computer hardware, has made it known that they will be giving away free solid-state drives, every single week for the rest of the year.

It seems surreal and completely out of the blue, but take note that this is very real and it's very much in the blue.

In fact, the official press release reads...
“To emphasize their working premise that better computers make for a better life, they have announced the "Life is Better With Plextor" campaign. As part of this campaign, Plextor will be giving away one solid-state drive every week for the remainder of 2014. Plextor's tech partners, YouTubers, Publishers, and prominent members of the IT Community will be joining them in this unprecedented giveaway campaign for SSD fans.”

Plextor had previously announced their very brand new M6e PCl-e SSD, which is a top-of-the-line internal SSD to help speed up information access times and give you the sort of boot-up time that gaming consoles used to have.

Of course, no one cares about PR fluff. More than anything, everyone will want to know exactly how they'll be able to get their hands on a free solid-state drive. Let me repeat that just one more time: a free solid-state drive.

Well, the details are quoted below...
Contest Details: On May 19, 2014 the weekly sweepstakes begins. Winners will be announced Monday of every week and the contest will end every Sunday.

How to sign up: Each week fans can enter to win at Plextor America’s Facebook contest page Throughout the year there will be many other opportunities to win additional product from Plextor and their tech partners.

This is really great stuff right here, especially just ahead of E3, where a ton of gamers will want to see what new games are on the horizon, as well as find out exactly what they may need to upgrade to fit the demands of the eighth-generation of gaming.

Nevertheless, if you're the sort of chap or dame that finds yourself on the wrong end of the luck train, fear not. Plextor and Newegg have partnered together for all you unlucky souls out there who don't have a dragon's-breath-in-Antarctica's chance of winning a free SSD.

Newegg will be discounting various storage sizes of the M6e PCI-e SSD, where customers can get $30 off by using the following promo code: prm6e.

That's a pretty good deal right there.

This also comes just ahead of Valve's official SteamOS roll-out this fall, so if you don't have plans to buy a Steam Machine but have plans to upgrade your current rig, this is a great deal you might want to check into.

You can check out Newegg's offerings of Plextor SSDs or learn more about solid-state drives by paying a kind visit to Plextor's official website.

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