The folks at Respawn Entertainment are celebrating Titanfall's one-year anniversary with free content. Right now, gamers can grab Titanfall's entire DLC collection without spending a single dollar.

Well, you'll have to buy the game first. Obviously.

Titanfall was released exactly one year ago, and quickly became a favorite among gamers and critics. Phrases like "killer app" and "system seller" were tossed around liberally by reviewers, and, according to the developer, Titanfall has been selling "well above expectations."

In a blog on, Respawn CEO Vince Zampella, had a slew of compliments for the community:
Since [Titanfall's release] we’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of support from our community. You’ve given back to us by creating costumes, videos, tournaments and art inspired by the game that continue to amaze the team here at Respawn. In turn, we’ve worked hard to create new modes and features as well as maps to show our commitment to you and keep giving you more reasons to enjoy Titanfall.

In a lot of ways, Titanfall kicked off the current gaming generation. It was the first title that actually pushed the Xbox One's hardware, and Sony didn't have any competition at the time (Killzone Shadow Fall definitely doesn't count). Obviously, things have changed. Great games are already starting to pile up on the shelves, and the list of upcoming titles makes me want to quit my job and rededicate my life to video games and flannel pajamas. But even though it has some stiff competition these days, Titanfall is still one of the Xbox One's strongest titles.

Back in November, producer Drew McCoy commented on Titanfall's role in the industry:
Everyone is so supremely proud of the game. More successful than we could have imagined. I could also point out that EA has been on a huge upswing in the market, often attributed partially to how well Titanfall has done

Part of the game's success has to do with the steady stream of DLC. The season pass includes three pieces of content. Here's how Respawn describes each:
  • DLC Pack 1: Expedition
    Featuring three all-new maps: Swamplands, Runoff and Wargames, set on new worlds across the Frontier.

  • DLC Pack 2: Frontier's Edge
    Featuring three all-new maps: Dig Site, Export and Haven, on the far reaches of the Frontier.

  • DLC Pack 3: IMC Rising
    Featuring three all-new maps: Zone 18, Backwater and Sandtrap, on decommissioned bases and hidden colonies throughout the Frontier.
If you shelved your copy of Titanfall before the DLC dropped, now might be a good time to reinstall. Just head over to Origin or Xbox Live and download the season pass.
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